Fight for Presidency

The game will let the 2020 election candidates fight for the Presidency, with a fictional story mode. Though fighting games inherently violent, the candidates of this game are obviously parodies performing cartoonish attacks. Players will be able to unlock the candidates. Have the pleasure of watching Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Mike Pence fight by choosing a fighter and playing your best moves. Become a part of Election 2020. The game might have simple graphics, but it is extremely interesting to play the game. Every Candidate has a unique set of moves and the players can see funny comments passed by each character while fighting, making it hilarious.


Go Patriots

The players can choose the characters they want to fight for and refresh the Tree of Liberty. This is a chance to change the fate of the country. It is reminiscent of the 1990s Arcade fighting games, each patriot has custom fighting moves, fireballs, sounds and animations. As you fight your way up the tree, the fights become more difficult.. By tapping on the numbers on the game screen the players can make single moves and combos. Using the 3D motion controller on the screen, the players can easily control the direction of the characters to fight.



The game has extremely appealing graphics and game character designs that makes the game interesting for the players to play. Without any sophisticated design, this simple game design attracts you to spend more time playing the game.  

We have created realistic characters with hilarious nicknames, also the characters are given funny profile descriptions that give you a barrel of laugh.

We have used stunning sound effects and fighting motion effects in the game, so that each movement of the characters are entertaining.

The sound and motion effects are more important in fighting games like this as they create the mood of the game. 

The game has arcade mode and versus mode, the players can choose between the two modes and play the game. The players can make single moves or fights by making combos. 

Light-hearted politician fighting game without any blood spills or gore. To make the game delightful, we have used hilarious comments and remarks within the game.

The smooth 3D motion controls for characters are included in the game. The players can even custom fighting moves. This is a typical street-fighter based, challenging politician fighting game.

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