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Evolution is an award winning board game, where 2 to 6 players adapt species in an ever changing ecosystem with hungry predators and limited resources. With over 12,000 different species to create, every game has become a big adventure. Now we have developed this game in the switch version. The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console with Joy-Con controllers used for motion sensing and user input. The users can play in the hand-held mode or the docked mode. This device is similar to the XBOX and PlayStation.

Adaptation is the key

Developing the switch version for Evolution was quite challenging as it was different from the PC and mobile versions. We had to convert the entire game to the joystick mode. However, the framework for the switch was similar to that of the mobile version which was helpful in designing the gameplay. The Joy-Con includes two individual units, each consisting of an analog stick and an array of buttons.


Learn the ropes from our friendly professor, then strike out on your own adventure! Start as a beginner and master the art of Evolution. Skilled and harder enemies await your progression.

Join multiplayer to get matched with someone at your skill level – or play a private game with friends. Includes AI replacing functionality in case of player drop. Customise the private games with different backgrounds like desert,jungle etc and other functionalities.

Play against all your friends on iOS, Android, and Steam and sync your stats across any platform you play on! Continue campaign progression on other platforms. Play across multiple platforms.

Encounter new bosses as you journey through the campaign, and once you’ve defeated them, you can play against them any time. Evolution’s menu of diverse AI personalities lets you hone your skills and try new strategies!

Evolution is accessible to players of all skill levels, but offers endless strategic possibilities. With thousands of trait combinations to evolve your species, you’ll find creative ways to reach the top of the food chain.

Switch user’s can play using the touch screen input or via the controllers. Experience the full pass and play mode as you play along with your friend’s with just one controller.

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