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The Grind My Gears is an arcade game. It is the great new puzzle game that will test your wits. Challenge your self through boards featuring matching numbers, colours, and then both simultaneously. The players have to match gears of same colours or same numbers within a particular constraint. The game seems to be simple, but it has intense game play. Test your memory, math skills, and your skills by playing this game.The game has multiple targets with different challenges. The players can strategically move to the next level using special gears. Can you fight against limited time and limited moves or will your gears get grinned!

Hit the target

This is an engaging and interesting game filled with vibrant colors.The background UI is a metallic interface of grey and purple shades. The game screen has a grid board of colored and numbered gears. The time limit and the level is mentioned at the top of the board while the special gears and score are placed at the bottom of the screen.


Players can increase their lives and other game elements by purchasing Special Gears from the Gear shop.

The Gear hammer is used to unfreeze the frozen gears and unsolid the solid gears.

The Mega gear eliminates all the number gears.

The Solid gear eliminates the gears after every two moves.

The Timer gear is used to convert solid gears, the solid gears are the gears with locks.

The Frozen gear can be eliminated only by using the Mega gear or Gear hammer.

The Number gear will change its numbers after every two moves.

The Color gear will change its color after every two moves.

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