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Are you ready for some exciting workouts to train your brain? Yes, you heard it right. We have a bundle of puzzle games that make you juggle your mind and keep you engaged all through the day. You need not be a genius to solve these puzzles, well! we do have hard combinations while you can choose the ones that suit your needs. The puzzle games are fun-filled, entertaining, and designed to help the mental capability, so you can even learn a lot by playing this game.

Not So Easy

Being a puzzle game, we have concentrated more on the UX and UI design of the game. As it is a bundle of multiple puzzle games, we wanted to make sure to maintain the aesthetic property of the game. We worked with the color palette and have used vibrant color combinations to give the game a trendy look. At the same time we have used solid color background so that it doesn’t deviate from the gameplay.


This is a one stop game app for the puzzle lovers, who wish to experience all forms of puzzles- from word-puzzle, one-line, sudoku, tic-tac-toe, to crossword

All the puzzle games are one of its kind. Unlike the general puzzle games, the players can find unique patterns in which the puzzles are created. Making it interesting to play.

The game has both single and multiplayer mode, so that they can connect with friends on social media. Each puzzle game has different levels and categories, so the players will not be bored of playing the game.

The sound quality used in the game is amazing, it does not distract the players from the game. The audio is implemented based on the puzzle game, as it should encourage players to continue playing the game.

Players of any skill level can play the game, as it has many challenging modes. Thus becoming the best family game, which is interesting, engaging, and brain training.

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