Best Game Development Tools for iOS in 2019

18/06/2019|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

Developing games is an arduous task and involves many aspects of coding, design, audio, and animation. The game developers need assistance in handling all these aspects and merge them together to build a complete game. This is where we need game development platforms that aid the developer to plan, design, and code a game expeditiously without needing to build it from scratch.

Game Development Platforms And Tools

The development platforms and tools are heavy, complex, and require experienced game developers to handle the projects. Also, there are basic beginner-friendly development tools available in the market. These tools and development software comes with tutorials, documentation, and guides that help the developers to create amazing games.

Best iOS Game Development Platform And Tools

The following are some of the most commonly used tools and game engines by game developers to create an interactive gaming experience.


SpriteKit is an exclusive game engine launched by Apple to create 2D games. This tool kit supports Objective C and Swift language and it offers the game developers with various features that aids in crafting high-performance 2D titles.

This is the best platform to build 2D games for Apple, and since it is launched by Apple- the developers need not download external sources and extra libraries. Therefore, this tool kit matches all products of Apple.


The developers can use this tool to develop simple 2D games without the use of any code. This game engine can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. The game engine has a clear user interface where the developers can drag and drop the game elements to build a game of their own.

Even a non-programmer can use this tool to build a simple game, however, you need a graphic designer to create all the design elements required for the game.


This is an open-source tool to create 2D and 3D games. This tool was created with the C and C++ languages. Therefore, the game developers can create games using either C or C++ or Godot’s own scripting language, GDScript. This scripting language is similar to Python and is a dynamically typed, high-end programming language.

This tool enables the developers to craft a game from its scratch and its script editor includes code completion, syntax highlighting, and auto-indentation. The developers can develop customized games for macOS, iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, Free BSD, and BlackBerry 10.


The jMonkeyEngine is a tool created using Java and is the best software engine to build 3D games for both desktop and mobile. The games built using this engine can be published on Mac, iOS, Linux, Android, and Windows.

jMonkeyEngine is composed of IDE, like the official jMonkeyEngine 3 SDK and set of library files. It also supports the new peripherals for virtual reality and augmented reality technologies.


The LibGDX engine is new to the world of game development. This game framework is an open-source engine written in Java, C++, and C languages. The game developers can easily develop 3D games using this framework.

You can add third-party extensions that include, box2d (a wrapper for box2d physics library) and gdxAI ( the artificial intelligence framework). This tool supports Mac OS X, iOS, BlackBerry, Linux, Windows, Android, also it uses WebGL support for web browsers.


This is a multi-platform tool that uses class architecture and works with .net and  C languages. The developers can find tutorials from their official website that gives detailed information on how to build a game.

This game engine is supported by iOs, Android, and Windows. The different platform uses shaders in different languages, hence MonoGame developed their own customized language called MGFX. This language has a similar structure to Microsoft FX files.


This is a free platform and open source game engine and the developers can build exciting games and launch on different platforms. This engine uses the same programming language as Corona, i.e Lua.

Game developers can build their game in Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Windows.


This tool kit includes a library where the developers can select the framework and choose from a wide variety of procedures and functions to build a game. Its programming language is similar to that of AS3, PHP, Java, or C++. It supports both iOs and Android platform.

The Haxe compiler is responsible for translating the Haxe scripting language to the target platform native source code or binary. Every platform is supported without any overhead coming from running inside a virtual machine. The Haxe compiler is efficient and can compile thousands of classes in seconds.


There are many new mobile game development tools and platforms available in the digital market, and we have shared the most widespread software tools that help the game developers to craft some of the most exciting projects.

When you plan to develop a game, consider the project’s budget, ideas,  and requirements. As you have knowledge about the game development platforms and tools, choose the one that works best for the project.