The simple of board game could build some intricate social skills

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Our Expertise in legacy board games

We are specialized in designing physical and digital board games. Based on your concept,we design a custom board game. Being the best board game design company, we have a specialized team of developers who are exceptionally skilled in designing and developing board games that offer an outstanding gaming experience for your players.


Physical Board Game


Digital Board Game


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Physical Board Game

Physical board games are social and you can play with other people. Together, you select a game, learn about it, interpret the rules, and experience the essence of the game. Many people love playing physical legacy board games because of the sensual joy and tactilede light they experience while playing the game, they have a substance, weight, and beauty.



Based on your board game idea, we design a prototype of the game. This gives you a clear idea of the outcome of the game and any changes can be discussed during this process. Our digital design company and its designers provide various design models from which you can choose the best design for your game.



The 3D game pieces are significant components of the game, it connects with the players.The sensory feel of the game pieces interests the players to play the game. It has a special role in the board game. We design the game pieces with impressive color and style, making them the best legacy board games.



The outer box of the board game is as important as the board game itself. We take utmost care in designing the box as well. The color and theme of the box represent the board game. Also, we add all the important information the player looks for while making purchases so that they can make the best choice in choosing the legacy board game.


The digital board game gives you the same feel as the traditional board game, plus all the players need not be present in the same location.You can play digitally anytime, anywhere with your family and friends. The digital board game gives an extra treat to your eyes with exceptional animation motion effects.



With the concept of the board game, we design the wireframe of the board game. It gives you the visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of the game. In this stage, we pay more attention to the functionality and user experience. We also fine-tune the visual style, color, typography, and schemes.



With the design phase ready, we jump into the development stage where we get on the grounds and start with the programming. We incorporate all the elements of the board game while programming so that the players feel at ease while playing the game. We run the QA testing and find the possible bugs and rectify themt hen and there, so the final product is perfect.



This is an important aspect of the game development process. The developers build, test and deploy the codes and see how it responds to the changes in the customer preference or requirements, and the quality of each change. We verify the proper functioning of the board game on the targeted devices.

Marketing / Promotional Material

Our relationship with you does not end with the development phase, we walk along with you in the marketing and promotional phase as well. It is important for both of us. If the game succeeds in the market, it is beneficial to both of us. Together we can create awareness about the game, and increase the potential number of players to play the game.



Promotional posters help in promoting the game to the users. We design the promotional posters in various colors, sizes, styles based onthe project requirement. The poster represents the essence of the game, so we pay more attention to designing creative promotional posters.


Trailer Video

We are skilled in creating extra ordinary trailer videos. Since the purpose of the trailer is to attract potential players, we combine all the crucial aspects of the game and compile them into an amazing trailer. We aim to create trailer videos that can interest and engage the players.



Kickstarter campaign can help us bring our ideas into reality and meet investors who can back us in our project. We help you in creating as uccessful Kickstarter campaign. You are not alone in this process, we work together to bring life to your dream project.

Our Published Board Games

You will be aware of our experience in designing and developing board games, both physical and digital. We take this opportunity to thank our clients for believing in our digital design company and offering us the chance to showcase our skillset. Please take a look at some ofour latest projects that are loved by the players and are popular in the gaming market.


2020 The game


Oceans lite






Oceans Lite Board Game and Evolution Board Game

It was great working with Hashbyte Studio for two of our main projects Evolution and Oceans and they did a terrific job in developing the switch and digital version of the games. The team worked closely with us throughout the entire process and did an excellent job.


2020 The Game

We reached out to Hashbyte Studio to develop a board game. It was an absolute pleasure working with them, the designer team listened to our ideas and made our board game live. Their professional approach in dealing with and delivering the project was impressive.



Hashbyte Studio made my dream come true by developing my game BattleCow. They have contributed so much towards the gameplay, graphics, and user experience. They proactively answer my queries irrespective of the time difference.

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