User Experience & Interaction Design

We give equal importance to the user experience as we give to the visual aspect of the product. We first analyze the client’s needs and what they want to deliver to the end-user’s. based on the project understanding we do market research and follow the best design and practice.

By analyzing the effective ways and means to communicate the product idea of the audience, we smartly structurize the complex project into simplest form. We do this by creating the complex project into its simplest form. We do this by creating a detailed description of the user’s role, the cultural particularities, demographics of the user, and how the product is used and then prioritize the goals and deliver the best output.

Our UX & UI Services Includes

Mobile & Web App Design

The mobile app development is more important than the visual effect, it is the relationship between the user and the product. Mobile app encompasses both the user experience and the user interface.So we at Hashbyte Studio make sure that the end result is perfect. Our designers are responsible for the overall style of the app, including elements like selecting the types of widgets and buttons, the color scheme, and font selection.

A great design is the perfect combination of functionality and beauty, and that is what we at Hashbyte Studio aim while building an app. We constantly improve the experience of the app by using the data from test sessions and deliver an ideal app.

More apps these days are migrating to the web. And without a platform constraints or installation requirement, the software as a service model looks very attractive. So the web app interface design is at its core. And the focus of web design is mainly on function. To compete with desktop apps, Web apps must be simple, yet intuitive and should have a responsive user interface that should let their user get things done with less effort and time.

Website Design

The success of any website entirely depends on its web design. A well-designed site which includes usability and utility determines the success and not the visual design. Since the website is the face of a business and most potential customers will visit your site before they ever look in the store, so it becomes inevitable to get the website designed carefully.

Apart from the look and feel of the website, it should work well. Even a simple looking website with exceptional usability and well-structured typically performs amazingly on Google. User views of such websites are also higher than those with poor user experience. The performance entirely depends on the effectiveness of the website. We are experts in designing engaging websites that are professional, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. We design a website that serves its purpose.

Game UI/UX Design

Games have a stronger experience because it touches the deepest feelings and behaviors from the player. Game design is the art of applying aesthetics and design to create a game. The elements and principles of game design are also applied to other interactions, in the form of gamification. The game design creates rules, goals and challenges and defines a game that produces desirable interactions among its participants and, possibly, spectators.

A game’s graphics, music, sound effects and typography, they all define a major part of its identity. In Hashbyte Studio we make sure our designs are fun and engaging. We always prototype our ideas and use iterative design to improve them. Our end products are produced with a high amount of polish and attention to detail. We provide various services in the area of design. We make sure that the aesthetics work is in favor of the game design, in a way that they complement each other.

Hashbyte Studio strives to create a gaming experience with elements that are pleasing to the eye, serve the product design and delight the players.

Micro Interaction & Animations

Micro interactions are trigger feedback pairs. When triggered, it can be a user action or an alteration in the system’s state. Micro interactions provide feedback to the user, often through conveying system status or helping users prevent errors. Additionally, micro interactions can be used as a vehicle for branding.

One of the greatest joys of using technology comes through user empowerment and engagement. An enjoyable experience means more than just usability — it needs to be engaging, and that’s where micro interactions can play a macro role, by positively contributing to the look-and-feel of a product or service.

Animation supports the essence of actual and real interaction, it creates the level of feelings and perception close to what people have when they are interacting with a physical object in real life. This sort of feeling can boost the user experience rate of positiveness really high as the more natural the user feels, the less effort is needed to deal with the app or a website and the more clear it is how it works.

Our experts will provide you with the best user experience that peaks your business in the global market.

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