The Secret Behind Building a Great Mobile Game

20/09/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

There were days when the game developers had to build a flawless game and launch it in the Play/App Store, and the rest was taken care of by the users. And a good ranking in the App/Play store was considered the success of the app. But in today’s competitive world, the players are unaware of...

Future Monetization Trends that Revolutionize the Mobile Game Apps

14/09/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Mobile gaming has come a long way and now it is one of the most profitable and popular gaming platforms. This has resulted in various transformation in the game’s monetization, therefore the mobile game developers have a range of options in monetization than ever before.  Those developers who traditionally rely on the in-app purchases have...

The Top 5 Secrets on Developing Successful Mobile Games

10/09/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The mobile game industry is the most demanding industry for the past few years. Though there are millions and millions of mobile game apps available on the Play/App Store, the game companies and developers are interested in building more and more games. This is because of the profit the industry has bagged along with it. ...

Tips that Will Guide You to Build Successful iPad Game Development

09/09/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The mobile game industry is challenging at the same time it is the most rewarding industry that has abundant opportunities for the developers. Many of the game development companies have made incredible games, however, there are few games that haven't made it in the market.  When the opinion about the future of the game is...

A Guide to Develop Best Casino Game Apps

03/09/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

With the popularity of mobile game apps, game companies and developers are looking for a niche genre that stands out in the global market. In that case, with potential growth and platform expansion, casino game apps seem to be the best option.  Simply developing a game app is not important, but the app should attract...

Tips On Ways To Come Up With New Game Ideas

31/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Playing games brings a whole lot of fun and entertainment. These games have exciting gameplay, storyline, animation, graphics, sound, etc, and all these start with a brainstorming idea.  If you have trouble coming up with exciting game ideas, worry not. Because you are not alone, all of us have been in such a situation. To...

Benefits of Outsourcing your Mobile Game Development

27/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

One of the main reasons for the increased growth in mobile game development is because of the concept of instant games. And this industry shows unlimited growth possibilities to its audiences. Not to deny the fact that it has reflected potential and prospect for the future. This is why many investors venture into this industry....

Ways To Balance The Simplicity And Complexity In A Game

25/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The main aim of the game developers is to make sure the gaming app is engaging and interactive, whereby they can gain a larger user base and get a share in the marketplace. When we talk about building engaging and interactive mobile games, there are a few things that have to be considered while developing...

Mobile Games Aren’t Your Enemy if You Play Right

20/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

In general, non-gamers do not have a good opinion about playing mobile games. And discussing the benefits of playing mobile games is a bit of a controversial topic. Don't you think? Though people might find it outrageous to get to know the benefits of playing mobile games, there are authorized and genuine studies and research...

Best Online Game Development Solutions for Your Smartphones

17/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Earlier the game players were constricted to play online games such as simple puzzles to adventures series only on the desktop, but the massive development of mobile technology within the past few years has brought a noticeable change in the game application development industry. And with the more than $100 million dollar generation in the...

Augmented Reality Is Mobile Game’s Sole Partner In Future

12/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Augmented reality taking the mobile game industry to the next level, moving ahead of VR technology by making use of the real-world space. It projects an interactive, spatial, and sophisticated digital implementation of the idea. Augmented reality projects the 3D models onto an imaginary world where we feel the object is really present in front...

Game Developer’s Best Friend: Must-Have Game Development Engine

10/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The gaming industry has come to a greater extent and all thanks to the innovative technologies that have taken place in the game development tools, mobile industries, mobile platforms. These advancements have made creating and developing games a cakewalk.  Therefore, if you aspire to get into game design and development, you have amazing development kits...

Top UX Design Agencies to Work With In India in 2021

04/08/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Online users expect a seamless and intuitive user experience. India is potentially and globally evolving as a superpower in UX design. With the help of a proper UX design, you can easily engage the users with software, website, applications, or marketing platforms. If your website or application is backed with a good UX design, it...

Mobile Game Apps Are A Life Changer…..For Good!

12/07/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

With the present technological advancements, we have seen massive changes in our lifestyle within the decade and in the gaming industry is the most trending one.  One of the most skeptical talks about game apps is that it spoils the new generation of kids, that it's too much to take in, causes social issues, etc....

Browser Games – Must-Know Advantages and Disadvantages For Game Developers

02/07/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Browser games are more popular among kids and it runs using the browser plug-ins or standard web technologies. The browser games include the single-player, multiplayer, and video game genres. These games are portable and you can play the games on various devices, operating systems, and web browsers.  As these games are in different genres, the...

5G Brings Out the Best of Augmented Reality Game Apps

18/06/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The next-generation mobile data network is going to be more than the super-fast network connection. Because it is going to provide its users with uninterrupted data connectivity speed, unrestricted capacity, with minimal to low latency. The one technology that is going to hit the mainstream is the augmented reality technology, and 5G is going to...

Android Gaming Platform Rules the Mobile Game Industry

11/06/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The gaming industry has seen steady growth over the years and will continue in the future. Mobile phones are one of the biggest reasons behind the growth of the gaming industry because of its availability among users.  Mobile phones are available among the urban and rural communities along with data connectivity. Kids, teens, and adults...

Introduction to Groundbreaking NFT Marketplace: Beginners Guide By Hash Byte Studio

07/06/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

We are all more connected via mobile, internet and social media than ever before. In a day, we never fail to share at least a joke, infographics, artwork, memes, or any digital asset with our friends and family. But, have you ever imagined who was the actual creator of these assets or what it is...

The Best Mobile Game Development Tips To Build A Successful Game

20/01/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The game development industry is challenging and rewarding at the same time. Though many games are published on the online platform, not all games shine in the limelight. This is because of the exceptional growth of mobile gaming technology. Games developed now are far different from the ones developed earlier.  There are a few common...

Steps To Follow Before And During Game Development

11/01/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Many games have been developed within the past decade and the online stores are filled with billions of games. However, with the popularity of the games among the players, the game developers are finding new ways to build the games.  With the increase in the global gaming market, many investors from other industries are also...

Best Tips On Developing Successful Mobile Game Apps

06/01/21/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Mobile games are the latest trends when it comes to the entertainment industry. When you plan on developing a mobile game many factors have to be taken into consideration as the new trends in the game development industry, emerging technologies, the growth of high definition and 3d games, and other factors that have made mobile...

The‌ ‌Release‌ ‌Date‌ ‌Of‌ ‌Evolution‌ ‌Board‌ ‌Game‌ ‌For‌ ‌Switch‌ ‌Is‌ ‌Now‌ ‌Out‌ ‌

11/12/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Release

The popular board game Evolution was awarded as 2019’s Digital Game of the Year and North Star Digital Studios soon planned to launch the Switch version of the game.  Hashbyte Studio developed the Nintendo Switch version of the game by making it the perfect play and pass game. The switch version has all the elements...

Hurry Up! We Are Live With Pre-Order For The Coming Evolution Switch

05/12/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Release

Evolution is an award-winning board game designed by North Star Games. It is a single-player campaign with distinct AI opponents. The players have to adapt their species with limited resources and stay one step ahead of the opponents. We at Hashbyte Studio had the privilege of developing the Nintendo Switch version of the board game....

Unicorn 2.0 Is Live On The Stores – Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays With Your Favorite Unicorn In The Candy Land

04/12/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Release

The new version of Unicorn Run - Candy Land is now updated with a new look with different themed portals and beautiful Unicorns.  This is the Best Unicorn game and it is a level-based game and the goal is to make the highest fan counts while running in Candy Land. The ultimate target of the...

Oceans Board Game Is Now In Digital Version- Oceans Digital Lite

24/11/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development, Game Release

Oceans is a stand-alone award-winning board game from the Evolution series. This game depicts the boundaries between the known world near the Ocean’s surface and the mysteries lurking in the unexplored region.  Hashbyte Studio designed the Oceans Lite - the digital version of the board game and is released on 23rd November 2020.  The foundation...

Stay Tuned For New Updates On Unicorn Run Candy Land

12/11/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Release

We have the best surprise for you for this holiday season. Your favorite Unicorn Run Candy Land has a new look with different themed Portals and beautiful Unicorns. We have developed Unicorn Run Candy Land into a level based game and the goal is to make the highest Fan count while running in Candy Land....

Secret For Unity Game Engine To Be Developer’s Best Choice

11/11/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development

The gaming industry has gone to a new level of transformation within the past few years and we have witnessed outstanding developments in video games. While games are a major source of entertainment, it is also the most popular revenue-generating industry.  Developing a game is not an easy task, but with the help of software...

A Guide to Become Successful with Android Game Development

04/11/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development

Android is the most popular and widely used operating system for mobile phones, also the operating system is used in consoles, PCs, TVs, digital cameras, and wristwatches. With advanced technologies and evolved gadgets, the digital world offers a portable, flexible, and engaging experience. Therefore, game development that was restricted to consoles, PCs, and other devices...

Which Are The Popular Revenue Generating Categories In Mobile Game Genre

28/10/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development

The mobile phones are compelling enough for the game developers to gain user attention and it is leading the global revenue generation factor in the gaming industry. According to a survey on the global revenue generated by the gaming sector, it was found that PC and console games contribute 24% and 25%, while 51% of...

Tips for Choosing the Best Game Development Platform for Your Game

21/10/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development

Building great games has never been much easier, all thanks to the free game development software and open source game engines. There were days when you had to work for the game developers that had sophisticated tools, but now you can easily build a game of your own regardless of the budget.  While talking about...

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Game App Development?

14/10/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development

Game development has become a significant part of the mobile app market because of the blooming of the gaming industry. Mobile and the internet have changed the way we play games and have also vanished the boundaries. We have new players coming into the picture and it is a positive note in the growth of...

Top 5 Tips to Design Game Levels

07/10/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development

The success of a game depends on the love the players have for the game. This involves different aspects and one such aspect is the levels of the game. If a game has interesting levels depending on the story of the game, then it becomes a hit among the audience. When we talk about the...

Important Mobile Game Development Trends To Follow

02/10/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development, UI/UX

Even during the time of pandemic when we are forced to stay at home to protect our family and ourselves, the only time pass we have is playing mobile games. If the game we play is not amazing, then we wouldn’t be interested in playing the game. Therefore, the gaming industry is pushed to develop...

Unity’s Serialization and Game Data

30/09/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

Unity is the best cross-platform game engine from Unity Technologies. The game engine has been extended to supports more than twenty platforms and it supports augmented reality, virtual reality, 2D, 3D games, and other simulations. Apart from the gaming development India market, many other industries have adopted this platform like engineering, automotive, construction, architecture, and...

Tips to Make Your Game More Saleable in the Market

26/09/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development, Game Release

The gaming industry has now become the mainstream business in the digital market and it involves marketing, development, and monetization. More than an entertainment industry, it has become a profession.  The gaming industry has generated around $135 billion in 2018 and it is expected to increase by 2021. It is well known that the gaming...

A Guideline to Develop Successful Augmented Reality Apps

23/09/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/AR

Augmented reality is a new technology that transports you to a different world, furthermore, it allows the developers and the game development companies in India to overlay the real-life objects with digital data.  Implementing AR technology is making a significant impact on various industries, from finance to travel. This new technology brings more opportunities and...

Is Your Game Missing The Fun Element? Game Designing Tips On Your Bay

15/09/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development, UI/UX

Game designing is a crucial part of game development. The Play/App Stores are filled with many games, but all those games do not have a decent number of downloads. Do you want your game to end in a similar situation? No right! There are few factors that make a game popular among the players, interesting...

Is It Profitable to Invest in Mobile Game Development

12/09/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Development

The mobile gaming industry is the fastest and popular sector in the gaming industry and this is an exceptional opportunity for people who are planning to invest in this industry. The large user base has led to the growth of the mobile games and mobile game industry, and many game developers are striving to make...

Mobile Game Development Framework In Educational Field

31/08/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Playing mobile games is for fun and entertainment. What if we indulge this fun and entertainment into our educational or learning system? As you know, there are many industries that have already adapted interactive learning in medical and healthcare, and aviation. Learning becomes interesting when students understand the concepts and are able to know how...

Tips to Build A Successful Role-Playing Game

07/08/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Game Development

The role-playing game also known as the RPG is a genre of video game in which the players control the game character’s action. Most of the RPG games are originated in tabletop role-playing games that have similar game mechanics, settings, and terminology. Apart from that these genres include narrative and story-telling elements, complexity, character development,...

VR Games are the Key to Future Business

24/07/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Long gone are the days when fictional stories came up with virtual reality concepts, but now the fiction has become real. Thanks to the technological advancements. This VR technology has taken over many businesses and has changed the perspective of doing business and marketing.  When it comes to new advancements in technology, the gaming industry...

Impact of Game Development in the Growth of Technology

17/07/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Playing video games have dated since the 80s,and the advancements in the technology has improved the way video games are played and there is no doubt that it will be even more advanced in the years to come.  We can say that technology and game development  go hand in hand. When a new technology is...

How COVID-19 is Taking Gaming to the Next Level

13/07/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design, Uncategorized

According to the reports on the gaming industry, the business is said to hit over the years. The forecast states that by the end of this year the expected revenue is $159 billion and Asia-Pacific will be contributing to 50% of the market income.  Boosting gaming market to the next level When the whole world...

Unicorn Run- Candy Land- New Game Release

10/07/20/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Release, Uncategorized

Finally, We can share our super exciting game for all kids - Unicorn Run - Candy Land! This is an interesting runner game that takes place in the yummilicious Candy land where you ride on the enchanting Unicorn! Interesting right? Hop on the Unicorn and explore the Candy land that is filled with delicious treats....

Hashbyte Studio- Work Anniversary

23/10/19/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Celebrations

I am a content writer from one of the most prominent game development company from India, Hashbyte Studio Pvt Ltd. We celebrated our 1st Work Anniversary on 20th Sept 2019. Yes, we have achieved a significant milestone.  Can a celebration be without fun, games, and party?  We received an invitation to the Annual Celebration a...

The Silent Features Of Candy Crush Saga To Be The Most Addictive Game

23/10/19/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Nowadays, mobile games have become an addiction to people of all age groups. And are ready to leave their office and household work to play the mobile game. Among the mobile games, there are few games that have endless levels and yet players never give up on the game. What makes them play a simple...

Mobile Games To Overrule The Global Game Revenue by 2021

23/10/19/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

For the past few years, mobile app development has reigned a quality source of revenue and game apps weight more. Most of the users under the age group of 18 to 35 download and play the gaming apps. On average the gamers spend more than 9 hours playing, which is 25 percent more than the...

PAX West Event 2019: Play Games & Grab Goodies

21/10/19/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Events and Conferences

We had a great opportunity to attend one of the world’s greatest gaming festival in Seattle, WA. Hashbyte Studio is one of the eminent game development companies in India. We are a team of young avid game lovers who aspire to create something innovative in the gaming world. Though we are a startup, we got...

Top Game Development Tools For Mobile Game Development in 2019

13/09/19/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Making engaging mobile games is the biggest responsibility of mobile game developers. There are several sophisticated development tools available in the market. These amazing development tools are responsible for turning a simple mobile game idea into an addictive game. Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. We simply do not use it...

Best of Augmented Reality Games for Android and iOS 2019

13/09/19/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Augmented reality is the new way of playing games. The game developers are offering additional features and fidelity game graphics for the players. With the AR, one can interact and engage with realistic characters and locations, use various different weapons and arms, and compete on augmented battle zones. AR technology has made Mobile games have...

Best Game Development Tools for iOS in 2019

18/06/19/Written by - Team Hashbyte/Game Design

Developing games is an arduous task and involves many aspects of coding, design, audio, and animation. The game developers need assistance in handling all these aspects and merge them together to build a complete game. This is where we need game development platforms that aid the developer to plan, design, and code a game expeditiously...

Top 119 Mobile Game Ideas

18/09/2019|Written by:Team Hashbyte|Game Design

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