Best of Augmented Reality Games for Android and iOS 2019

13/09/2019|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

Augmented reality is the new way of playing games. The game developers are offering additional features and fidelity game graphics for the players. With the AR, one can interact and engage with realistic characters and locations, use various different weapons and arms, and compete on augmented battle zones.

AR technology has made Mobile games have become more engrossing and interactive. The players can easily play the AR-based games on their Android and iOS phones without the need for special devices or exorbitant software for rendition.

Top 25 Augmented Reality Mobile Games for iOS and Android

Here are some of the most popular and leading Augmented reality-based mobile games for Android and iOS.

Geolocation(Adventure) AR games

  1. ARrrrrgh
  2. dARk: Subject One
  3. Ingress
  4. Pokemon GO
  5. Sharks in the Park
  6. Temple Treasure Hunt
  7. WallaMe

AR shooting games

  1. AR Invaders
  2. Army of Robots
  3. Clandestine: Anomaly
  4. Nightenfell: Shared AR
  5. Zombie GO
  6. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Quest and Sports AR games

  1. AR Sports Basketball
  2. Geocaching
  3. Invizimals: The Resistance
  4. Zombies, Run!

Table and Board AR games

  1. AR Smash Tanks
  2. Beer Pong AR
  3. Jenga AR
  4. PulzAR
  5. Slingshot Island

AR-based Horror games

  1. Night Terrors
  2. Peronio Pop-Up Book
  3. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

Geolocation(Adventure) AR games

In the world of AR games, the most exciting genre is the Adventure games- as they use the real-life locations and maps as the gameplay interface, and augmenting it with amazing plots, unique quests, and astounding creatures. With the help of GPS enabled mobile phones, gamers can move around the neighborhood and complete all the quests. With the AR technology, it is possible two merge fantasy and reality together.

1. ARrrrrgh

Your surrounding becomes your environment. The game gives a new pirate twist on the ‘hide and seek game with a treasure hunt, a parrot and rum. It’s a family adventure game and the players can turn the surroundings into the quest territory and seek the gold treasure boxes.

The game is made using the ARCore and Unity, the players can enjoy the gain without any in-app ads in the early stages of the game. However, the game does not support all devices.

2. dARk: Subject One

Experience the dark plot with augmented reality technology at your place. Many players appreciate the game’s AR features and video home system (VHS) style visuals and compare it with the aura of The Stranger Things. The players have a risky mission to find a missing person, uncover the secrets and clues, and explore the unknown.

3. Ingress

There are many mind-blowing games from the studio of Niantic, Ingress is the popular mobile game among the players. The dark energy was discovered by Scientists, which can influence the way people think. There are two factions involved, the Resistance and the Enlightened.

The Resistance wants to protect humanity, and the Enlightened aim to use the energy to control mankind. The continued response for this game is its capturing plot. The players have to choose sides, discover the energy located in the city and capture it.

According to the game, the entire world is the game plot. Players can wander through the cities and streets and discover a new world around them- constantly changing plot filled with hidden codes and signs, and loads of cryptic clues.

4. Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a legendary game that brought AR games to the world. The game by Niantic gained incredible earnings and upholds many Guinness Records. It is hard to overstate the role of AR-based games in terms of publicizing the AR technology to the crowd.

This is a mobile game under the Adventure genre. The game’s battlefield is placed on real-life surroundings with superimposed animated virtual objects onto the player’s environment. The game was launched in 2016 and the excitement continues.

5. Sharks in the Park

This game gives an amazing experience for adults and children. The AR technology turns the city park or the garden space into a startling world of splendid landscapes with extraordinary creatures. The phone uses GPS, so the players can experience the game to its fullest. The sensors capture the player’s move. Therefore, the players run in the game, when they actually run in the real world.

6.Temple Treasure Hunt

Interesting AR game for mystery lovers. The game uses real map location and has 2 different modes- the indoor mode and outdoor mode. The player has to trail through the surroundings and seek the treasure, the players can be the treasure hunter or the treasure protector.

The Indian mythological characters in the game come up as the guardians of the treasure. The player has to discover the treasure if they are the treasure hunters, and they have to create a trail as a protector.

7. WallaMe

WallaMe game combines the geolocation augmented reality technology with social and fun activities. You can play this game with your friends and colleagues, and you can leave hidden texts in a playful way.

The players have to take a picture of the real world place (wall street, etc) and add hand-drawn sketches, images or text. Send the hidden message to your friends or others, where they have to decrypt the message.

AR shooting games

Shooter games are the most popular gaming genre with compulsive gameplay. Now with the help of the augmented reality technology players can fight the enemies in real-time. The use of AR takes the game to the next level giving a fantastic feeling of emotions.

8. AR Invaders

Want to experience the basic level shooting game with AR technology? AR Invaders is the game you’re looking for. The game is all about aliens vs humans war. In the AR mode, the player’s mobile phone projects the UFOs on their surroundings. The purpose of the game is to destroy the alien base before they demolish the city.

This game has three-story modes called the Invasion, Hold’em Up, and Multiplayer and the players can play in 2 action modes. Be it the sitting shooting gameplay in 180 degrees, or 360 degrees in standing position, all you have to do is be aware of the surroundings and be quick.

9. Army of Robots

This game is a first-person shooting game with exciting fights in the real world surroundings. The game has an interactive augmented reality mobile game with different levels.

The gamers can calibrate the game environment by pointing the mobile phone towards the physical elements. Also, if there are no objects- the battleship appears and the players can continue playing the game.

10. Clandestine: Anomaly

This a space-based game, where the players have to defend the aliens from capturing our planet. Use your mobile phone as the weapon and protect the planet from alien attack. Using the geolocation AR technology, fight the aliens in your location.

Players can enjoy the sci-fi environment and discover the confidentiality of the galactic wars. The game has fantasizing graphics with challenging plots making it super interactive.

11. Nightenfell: Shared AR

The best in class shooter game with lots of riddles, spells, and comets. This is a fresh multiplayer game by Hookbang LLC- play as a team and combine all the powers to reach the highest level.

The players have to shoot virtual comets and defend their planet. Players can even team with the wizards, use magic spells to freeze time, and use mushrooms to restore energy.

12. Zombie GO

In this era, Zombie-based games in the augmented reality are a big deal. In this game, the players can encounter zombie apocalypse in real-time, and it is a prime example of the best shooting game.

As the gamer walks through the park, school or home- the zombie pops up on the screen. Arm yourself with a weapon of your choice and start attacking. The ‘First Aid’ button restores the player’s health. The game is powered by the Unity engine and is available exclusively for Android.

13. Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Fascinating zombie shooting game with intense battles, high-quality graphics, powerful shooting experience. The players are at the military helicopter loaded with ammo to hunch down the zombies.

The players have to fly the helicopter with the body movement, armed with sniper pods, rockets, guns, and missiles. For night vision, the players can to the infra-red mode in their camera.

Quest and Sports AR games

With the Augmented reality, you can experience amazing quests in the real world. In search of unlocking the mysteries, you get to know more about the neighborhood, go to different countries, meet new people and find hidden treasures. And as a sports fan, experience the best of the sports game with the AR technology to give you an adrenaline rush.

14. AR Sports Basketball

This is an exclusive treat for iOS basketball lovers. The game uses the basic AR technology that allows players to shoot hoops at any time or location. To play the game, you have to position the hoop in an area, and shoot balls.

You can play individually or as Player 1 and Player 2. Also, the game has different modes like multiplayer, normal, and desk.

15. Geocaching

Play the world’s best treasure hunting game that has followers from around the globe. The game encourages players to explore the unexplored places on the planet.

You can receive the instructions from the AR app on where to look for the geocache, and it can be on the mountain top or the next building rooftop. You find the photo, log it in, and hide it for the other geocachers.

16. Invizimals: The Resistance

This game reminds a bit of Pokemon GO and is one of the best examples of next-gen AR games. This is the game for the PlayStation Vita and this is an RPG game that hunts for incredible creatures and saves them for extinction.

The Xtractors are the army that wants to destroy the creatures, and your job is to fight the army.

17. Zombies, Run!

Complete the mission by running or walking. This AR game gives a fascinating adventure by listening to different narrations and music in your headphones.

The aim of the game is that the player has to survive a zombie attack while collecting several items.

Table and Board AR games

Board and table games are suitable for single and multiplayer. Make the old school game more exciting using augmented reality technology.

18. AR Smash Tanks

Fight the epic tank battles on your mobile phone, you can play the multiplayer mode with one or two devices and smash the enemies with the tank. The game is available on both Android and iOS. Players have to demolish the enemy tanks, and tap the phone screen to aim, fire, and pull missiles.

19. Beer Pong AR

This is the classic game developed on ARCore with simple gameplay. You can play this game anywhere and anytime with friends and have endless fun. To play the game, find an area to place the beer and move along the area to find out the best angle and launch the ball.

20. Jenga AR

The game has impressive graphics with challenging mode. This game can be played by two to five players and they can grab blocks with the mobile phone and use delicate touches to remove the block. This game is similar to classic Jenga.

21. PulzAR

This is the fascinating and AR game created for the PlayStation Vita. This game reminds the player of Sci-Fi films. The players have to use laser weapons to attack the asteroids from destroying the Earth. It is a truly challenging game with the best of AR technology.

22. Slingshot Island

Slingshot to destruct the castle. With the augmented reality, you can strike the castle using the phone’s controller and fire the foes. To make the game engaging, the players have to find the precious magic dragon egg. There is 30 level and the players can use different elements like cluster bombs, parachute bombs, missiles, or rocks.

AR-based Horror games

Horror based games are exciting and thrilling to play, but when made in augmented reality it gets on your nerves. The augmented reality-based horror games will give you an enthralling experience.

23. Night Terrors

This is how an AR-based game should be and would be. Night Terrors game’s trailer itself gave chills to the audience. This scary game was first introduced to the audience through a funding campaign on Indiegogo. This game is really as hell, the AR game transforms the real world into a dark scary monster world.

24. Peronio Pop-Up Book

This game is a book based game that combines augmented reality and virtual reality technology into a special adventure. This game has won the award for the Best AR game in 2015 by Qualcomm Vuforia.

The game is about a boy, who is unsure of who he wants to become as a man. Follow Peronio, the boy who doesn’t want to be an ordinary dentist, but a dentist to the dragons-as they have pointy teeth. Turn each page to face new challenges.

25. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

This game has an interesting game plots similar to a mysterious movie. Experience the thrill with Nintendo’s 3Ds.

As we have seen the best of AR game, it is evident that the developers will keep on improving and enhancing the AR games with more features of the technology in the future. 

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