Best Tips On Developing Successful Mobile Game Apps

06/01/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

Mobile games are the latest trends when it comes to the entertainment industry. When you plan on developing a mobile game many factors have to be taken into consideration as the new trends in the game development industry, emerging technologies, the growth of high definition and 3d games, and other factors that have made mobile game development a crucial task. 

When we look back at the gaming industry, we have come a long way in creating mobile games with comprehensive factors. The way we approached games in those days differs a lot from the present. 

Tips for Developing Successful Mobile Games

Work On A Killer Idea

Getting an idea to create a new game is the most crucial and the most complex task in creating it into a successful mobile game. Simply copying the idea of an existing game and making few changes does not make your mobile game app stand in the top list. But with an innovative idea and engaging gameplay, your game app can outrun many of the apps from the top list. 

Think of a game idea that will entertain your players and keep them playing the game. The idea is the key part of your mobile game’s success. 

Appealing User Interface

The users decide to use the app within the first few seconds of looking at the app. The look and feel. This is the crucial task in designing the app, because you impress the users instantly for them to proceed further and take action to navigate the app.  The two famous platforms, the App Store and Play Store have laid explicit design guidelines for mobile app developers and designers.

The user interface should be very simple and to the point, so that it is easy for the customers to go with the flow. Making sure the app has proper color usage, typography, text arrangement, easily helps users to find what they are looking for, having primary features, and providing users with an optimistic onboard experience.

Smooth Navigation

Users are keen on the ease of using a mobile app, as they don’t have the patience to learn how to use a complicated app. Especially when there is another app that offers the same features with a smooth sailing navigation interface, users would prefer the smooth navigational app. 

More than creating a unique and appealing app, you have to create an app that serves its purpose. That is, the app should instantly provide what the user wants, without wasting their time. Also, elements like push notifications help in user engagement and re-engage inactive audiences and push them to complete their task. Personalization elements also help increase in improving the user experience. 

High-Performance Consistency

The mobile app might be appealing with incredible features, functionalities, and interface. But if there is no consistent performance then it is of no use. In general, an ideal app consumes only minimum battery power, CPU, storage space. However, your mobile app should be consistent in its performance when tested under extreme conditions. 

You can make the loading time as minimum as possible, say 10 seconds because the audience gets impatient when the app takes more time to start. But say that your app requires more than 10 seconds to load because of the huge amount of data, have a pleasant loading screen so that the users will be aware that it might take some more time. Indian game development company makes game apps with high performance and consistency.

Consistent and high performance means the app will have zero to minimal freeze time or crashes. Any mobile app that has interesting features, fails to impress its audience if it freezes or crashes. Hence, consistency and reliable performance should be important characteristics of a mobile app.

Platform Compatibility

Four mobile platforms are majorly available, so the mobile app you develop should be compatible with all these platforms. The app keeps specific aspects of each platform and takes the natural qualities of the mobile device and offers the best UI experience for the audience.

Catering the mobile app design to specific devices ensures a seamless user experience. Especially mobile game apps should be cross-platform made so that all kinds of users can access the app. 

Timely Support

One of the major drawbacks of developing mobile apps is not attaining customer support and technical support. Your targeted audiences are of different age groups, demographics, technical skills, etc. They might need assistance in certain areas. Understanding the customer is the only secret to the success of your app. 

You might notice that you get similar kinds of questions quite often. You can create a FAQ section that consists of the most commonly asked questions. Make sure that the app provides all assistance to its users. Providing instant assistance to the users increases the goodwill of the app.

Continuous Updation and Personalization

Remember, your job does not end with creating a mobile app and launching it in the market. The success of the app depends on the frequent updation of the app contents. The app should be bug-free and contain relevant content, and add new elements to the app to differentiate it from your competitors. 

Allowing users to do some changes in the app and providing a personalized experience gives them an act of freedom. Like allowing them to change the themes, color, etc interests the users to use the app for a longer period. Though this is not a simple task, to stand alone from the other normal apps your mobile app has to be unique.


The mobile game development process is a complex but interesting one if you understand the nuances of it. The above mentioned tips are the most significant factors that are involved in the development process, and paying attention to them will boost your mobile game app’s success in the global market. The key to a successful mobile game is that it should be loved by the players. 

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