Browser Games – Must-Know Advantages and Disadvantages For Game Developers

02/07/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

Browser games are more popular among kids and it runs using the browser plug-ins or standard web technologies. The browser games include the single-player, multiplayer, and video game genres. These games are portable and you can play the games on various devices, operating systems, and web browsers. 

As these games are in different genres, the themes appeal to different players(casual and regular players). Many browser games have topped beyond the online platform and have become a big shot and are sold in the stores, online platforms, and centralized distribution platforms.

The browser games are free online games and do not require any software except the browser plug-ins or web browser. In some browser games, it may be free but have to pay for the extra charges. Also, these games are popular and have social interactions with a broad range of players. The games are played more frequently in short sessions when compared to the traditional games. Browser games are played by a vast number of people, as it can run on any operating system without porting. 

Merits and Demerits of Browser Games

Having social interactions and being popular among a large user base, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of browser games.

Demerits of Browser Games 

As we know the browser games can be played only with an internet connection, and if you lost or have a poor connection, the game you were playing will stop abruptly and create chaos in the progress. This factor is the biggest drawback from the player’s point of view. 

The browser games have poor quality graphics, so players who are interested in other PC and mobile games find it difficult to enjoy these games. 

Because all the players do not have the facility to be online throughout the day, this makes the player lose interest in the game. Some top-ranking browser games require a fast internet connection and if there is a lag in the connection speed, the players cannot play the game. 

Merits of Browser Games

The main reason behind the strong user base is that you can enjoy the game without the need to download the game. Just by installing the web browser, players can enjoy playing the game irrespective of the place is. With a proper internet connection, the players can play while at school, college, office, or in cafes. 

The other primary benefit of the browser game is that most of the games are free. Players can check out the games they wish to play and start playing the game. The players spend more time on these games if they have good connectivity. 

Browser games have an increasing number of social interactions, and that is one of the significant reasons behind their popularity. Players have a community of friends who discuss each move and action before execution. 

Things A Developer Should Be Aware Of

With the popularity of browser games among the players, some Game Development companies have plans to work on browser games. 

We will discuss the persistence browser games. These are video games that depend on some kind of server code, despite using the technologies that are stored on the client computers. As it is a rare case scenario to find games that rely on the client-side because of security reasons.while reading and writing from the local system. The browser does not access the web pages of the computer’s outside the web browser, and the game designers do not want others accessing the data. Unlike, the severe code which stores player data in some kind of a database. 

Technologies- these games can take advantage of any technology to function with. 

Web Standards: The standard technologies JavaScript, CSS, HTML is used in making browser games but have faced limited success due to network connectivity issues, quality, and compatibility. All these technologies allow to run with standard-compliant browsers, and the graphics technologies allow faster rendering of the vectors and graphics. Also, the WebGL allows hardware-accelerated 3D support for the browser. 

Plug-ins: These plug-ins provide game technology after it is installed by the user. But most of the technology companies have planned to end their support for browser plug-ins. However, some companies have taken an effort to preserve the games. For example, Flashpoint is a project that is started to preserve Flash-based games with around thirty-eight thousand archived by January 2020.


The browser games have a primary user base who are very much dedicated to them. So if we make use of the latest technologies and development tools to enhance these browser games, we can surely take the browser games to a whole new level without losing the fans. 

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