Game Developer’s Best Friend: Must-Have Game Development Engine

10/08/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

The gaming industry has come to a greater extent and all thanks to the innovative technologies that have taken place in the game development tools, mobile industries, mobile platforms. These advancements have made creating and developing games a cakewalk. 

Therefore, if you aspire to get into game design and development, you have amazing development kits available in the market that makes your job easier. 

10 Best Game Development Engines

Let us take a look at the most used and preferred game development engines by the game developers to create amazing and interesting games that are loved by the players. Here are the top game development tools often used by the developers. 

  • Fusion

This is the best-suited platform for those developers who are thinking of creating an event-based game. This game development tool kit has a user-friendly interface, so even people who have less knowledge in programming can work on this platform. It has a graphics library that can be used for the title. Fusion is applicable for static games, but you can even try designing 2D games. This software kit is applicable for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Construct 2 

This game development engine is an HTML5 platform for developing 2D games. This toolkit is easy to handle because coding is not needed. Construct 2 has a lot many features that help the developers in developing a visually appealing game within a short timeframe. The game development tool is multi-platform export so the games developed by this software run on all different platforms including Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Web platforms like Kongregate, Scirra Arcade, Google Chrome, Firefox Marketplace.  

  • App Game Kit

This is the best tool for experts as well as beginners because it has an easy-to-use development platform that uses a similar programming language to that of C++. The best part about this game engine is that it is cross-platform, therefore, the games developed by this tool are available on all different platforms like Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

  • Marmalade SDK

The Marmalade SDK development platform is popular among the top geek developers because this platform is applicable for building native games for both desktops and mobile phones. The software tool permits developers to create 3D and 2D titles. Marmalade SDK works with the C++ programming language. However, the developers can use different tools, scripting, and libraries to explore with the testing and development. This game engine supports Windows phone, Android, iOS, Connected TV platform, Tizen OS, Blackberry.

  • GamMaker Studio

The GameMaker Studio is the in-house platform of the Yoyo Games that is used for building 2D games. This development toolkit has an easy programming language that gives the opportunity for developers to build their game within a short span. GameMaker Studio has an interesting drag and drop feature that makes game designing an easy task. This engine supports PS Vita, Android, iOS, Tizen, Windows phone, and Amazon Fire. 

  • Cocos 2D

This game development toolkit is a complete package that has all the features that enable developers to build 2D games. The best part of this game development toolkit is that it allows the developers to build even a small game of 1.5MB. The development toolkit comes with detailed documentation and has a very large support team. The OS X platform, Android, Linux, and iOS are some of the platforms supported by the development toolkit. 

  • Lumberyard

The Lumberyard game development toolkit was created by Amazon and it was released on multiple devices and worked amazingly because it is a cross-platform friendly feature. This feature allows developers to create customized games using their free development tools. The developers can engage their players with visually amazing content using this development kit. The platforms supported by this game development engine are PlayStation4, Android, Xbox One, iOS, PCs, and Android. 

  • Unreal Engine

Because of its user-friendly features, this development kit is used by all beginners. Even users with no programming knowledge can change and modify any game elements. One of the perks of using this game development tool is the ease of working with the interface and the chances of testing the game within the platform. The developers use Unreal to design 3D graphics that attract the players. This toolkit can be used in platforms like HTML5, iOS, Sony PlayStation 4, Windows PC, VR platform, Xbox One, SteamOS, Android, SteamOS, Mac OS X. 

  • Corona SDK

This game platform uses the Lua programming language that is very easy to learn and code. The developers can make use of the 2D features and the plug-ins from the in-house marketplace. The development engine is famous for the active community, support team, and clear documentation. Corona brings real-time simulation that will help the developers on how their game app will look at the final phase. Apple/Android TV, Kindle, iOS, Windows phone, Android are the platforms supported by this development engine. 

  • Unity

This is the most preferred and popular game development toolkit among all the game engine software. It allows the developers to create amazing 3D and 2D mobile games, also it enables developers to import the asset from other 3D applications like Maya and Blender software. Even beginners can easily work with this development tool with the help of the tutorials and materials. This game engine supports Android, Tizen OS, iOS, Fire OS, and Windows Phone. 

There are many game development tools available in the market. While choosing the game engine, the developers have to choose the platform according to the game idea, requirement, budget, and other things. Choosing the best toolkit might be a hard task, but with some research work, the developers can create something realistic.


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