A Guideline to Develop Successful Augmented Reality Apps

23/09/2020|Written by - Team Hashbyte|AR

Augmented reality is a new technology that transports you to a different world, furthermore, it allows the developers and the game development companies in India to overlay the real-life objects with digital data. 

Implementing AR technology is making a significant impact on various industries, from finance to travel. This new technology brings more opportunities and possibilities for businesses. 

All about Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology enhances the real-time environment with an interactive experience. The technology has already taken over the mobile technology landscape, so anybody who has access to smartphones or devices that have video capturing facility can use this AR technology. 

Understand the user’s needs

Developers who are planning to develop an app based on augmented reality need to know the nuances of the technology. Most of the augmented reality apps depend on imagery or 3D text over the real-life images that are processed on the user’s mobile phone. It is important to have image processing expertise in the team while developing AR-based apps. When developing an AR-based app, it is necessary to access the image processing capabilities that permit the app developers to track makers in the environment or natural features. 

When developing the app it is important to build reliable and realistic images especially when it is a computer-generated one. It is essential that the app developed is done from the user’s point of view. Because when done from the developer’s perspective, the UX/UI results in a complicated AR app. A complex AR app has no or less value among the users. So, make sure you understand your user’s needs and develop an app according to their perspectives. 

Developers need to know

The AR technology is a fast-growing technology and all sectors of business are keen on implementing this technology into their line of business and make it to the next level. An app’s success depends on the number of users accessing the app. Hence the app must have seamless UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). 

As an AR app developer, you should have complete knowledge about the existing mobile technologies like 3D modeling, computer vision, and imaging expertise. The most preferred scripting language for the AR app development in C++ and C#. So if you are a developer who has all these skills, you are moving on the right path. 

Augmented Reality based Development Platforms

With the growth of the AR technology, there are a number of AR app development platforms available and the developers can choose according to the business needs. By using these development platforms you can build aR based apps for a wide range of devices like smartphones, wearables, and tablets. 

The cost of developing an AR-based app depends on several factors including the development kit used in building the app. The development kit you opt should follow certain criteria like, 

  • The type of license and the price value of it.
  • Online recognition and cloud recognition.
  • The range of supported platforms used.
  • The geo-location feature.
  • 3D tracking feature.
  • Smart glasses support.
  • SLAM. 

Here are some of the most popular AR products available in the market

ARKit: This is an official SDK launched by Apple that is available for iOS 11 and it allows you to develop AR apps exclusively for the Apple devices. However, this kit only works with Apple A9 CPU and a higher version. This development kit supports all the functionalities including smart glass support, geolocation, cloud recognition, SLAM, and etc. 

Wikitude: This is the most powerful AR development platform for both Android and iOS applications. This kit supports all the features required and is easy to develop location-based and marker-based augmented reality apps. Also, the showcases include apps for TripAdvisor, Rio Olympic Games, UEFA, The Washington Post, TIME magazine, and other popular brands. 

Vuforia: A popular development kit among the app developers is Vuforia. Using this development platform, the developers can build apps in Windows Phone, Android, and iOS and in different industries. The case study of this development kit includes educational, healthcare, gaming, industrial, and other mobile applications. 

These are some of the famous app development platforms available in the market. And a good number of products support multiple platforms, while a few of them support only specific platforms.

Uses of AR apps

The augmented reality revolutionizes the user’s experience to a different level and because of its vast business scope, the industrial masters are providing funds on developing AR-based apps in the digital market. Many fields like education, entertainment, real-estate, manufacture, retail, and healthcare have already adopted AR technology to become productive and efficient. 

The users can benefit a lot from AR technology, some of the most beneficial uses of AR-based mobile apps are

  • As a location-based technology, the AR-based apps give the user a realistic look and feel of the service.
  • It offers an excellent and impressive user experience.
  • The developers have the liberty to optimize user engagement.
  • These apps fill the gap between the digital and real worlds.


We are in an era where we have an app for every other requirement and service, therefore the need for application development is increasing and seems to be a rise in the future. Although we have more demand for development projects, only quite a few skilled professionals have the ability to build successful apps. And we need exceptional talents to develop AR apps. 

As discussed, we are aware that the AR technology increases user engagement, improves the user experience, and offers a new and innovative way of presenting and communicating about the product or services among the users. By taking into account all the factors we have discussed, you can build a successful augmented reality mobile apps. 

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