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23/10/2019|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Celebrations

I am a content writer from one of the most prominent game development company from India, Hashbyte Studio Pvt Ltd. We celebrated our 1st Work Anniversary on 20th Sept 2019. Yes, we have achieved a significant milestone. 

Can a celebration be without fun, games, and party? 

We received an invitation to the Annual Celebration a couple of weeks before. Therefore we had time to plan the fun activities.

The best thing about fun activities and parties is that we get to spend more time with our colleagues. However, we are already aware of each other’s high-spirit and playfulness. Furthermore, this Annual Celebration brought us close together. To appreciate one another for the hard work we have contributed to reaching this milestone.

We were divided into two groups called ‘Hash’ and ‘Byte’.  And prepared solo and group activities like solo and group singing, comedy play, expressions, speed art.

We received company t.shirt, with our company logo HASHBYTE STUDIO and hashtag INNOVATING EVERY PIXEL printed on it. 

On the day of the celebration, all of us came early wearing our company t.shirt. We had a simple ceremony in the morning and our CEO distributed sweets and then we started clicking photos. We had a high time taking the group photo (someone or the other will smile or move). Finally, we got the perfect pictures of the best team.

We started with our regular work until evening. Later we went to the banquet hall in a five-star restaurant where the party took place.

We proceeded to the hall with a welcome drink. The CEO himself hosted the event. He used to crack jokes in-between the events, commentated well and made the events lively.

The event started with games like musical chairs, paper dance, make me laugh if you can, and riddle. We had a lot of fun playing these games. Later, participants from both the team started to sing, we had solo and duet in singing. It simply reminded the school and college days.

In between the events we had video calls with our clients and investors. They shared their experience working with Hashbyte and their willingness to continue working with us for their future projects. Then, we had the investor’s call. He was happy with the overall performance of the team. And motivated us to continue the same spirit.

Stand-up comedy by two of our colleagues literally made us ROFL and our hall was filled with the sound of laughter. Then, we had a lovely poem recited by one of our colleague which so heartwarming. Our exceptional concept artist drew a speed art within 3 minutes, sketching looked effortless. I wondered how talented he should be to make it look like a cakewalk. To spice up the event we had music and everyone was on the dance floor. Wow, what an evening!

How can we celebrate our 1st Work Anniversary without the cake? Oh… yeah… We had our company logo printed with the edible ink on the dark choco brownie cake with almonds. It was so chocolatey that it melted in our mouth. After the cake cutting, our CEO shared his experience on the paths he went through before the birth of our company, his pillars of support, his advice to anyone who wishes to start their own company, and the goals achieved in the first year, the goals for the next year, and about the new project offers. His speech was very emotional and inspiring. 

The party came to an end with the best dinner buffet, lined up with mouthwatering dishes from a variety of soups, starters, salads, main courses, and desserts. 

It was a fun-filled, exciting, and entertaining day. The motto we follow in our studio is “Dream the impossible dream”, and I’m glad and happy to be a part of Hashbyte Studio.

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