Impact of Game Development in the Growth of Technology

17/07/2020|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

Playing video games have dated since the 80s,and the advancements in the technology has improved the way video games are played and there is no doubt that it will be even more advanced in the years to come. 

We can say that technology and game development  go hand in hand. When a new technology is introduced, companies try to test it with the existing game development to enhance the gaming experience. Similarly, game developers try to pave the way for new technologies to enter into the market so that they can improve the quality of games. Therefore, we can say that both technology and game development influences one another. 

A significant factor for the development in the field of technology is because of game development. Because a technology that is used in a particular industry or field is known and accessed only by that particular person,whereas video games are common to as sects of people. There are professional gamers and casual players and newcomers in this industry, each of them try to search for the best gaming experience and that inturn boosts the technological growth. 

Game development influences technological advancements 

Here are some of the advancements in technology that are influenced by the growing gaming industry.

Voice and Facial Recognition

Do you know that you can play video games using your voice? Yes, you can use your voice to command the game controllers. Apart from turning on and off the console, now you can also control the gameplay, selecting from the media library, access online, and interact on social media.

The 3D facial recognition and scanning technology allows you to create an avatar like you in the game, or transfer your expressions to the game characters. The RealSense 3D camera from Intel allows the game developers to create games that can adapt to the player’s emotion by scanning 78 different facial points.

Improved Graphics Quality

The graphic quality has improved to a greater extent and has given the players an impressive gaming experience. The look and feel of the games in today’s era are rendered with realistic texture quality. This increases the play time among the players playing the game. 

Controlled Gesture

Similar to face recognition technology, Intel’s 3D camera with RealSense technology allows the players to interact with gaming consoles and even play first person shooting games with few hand gestures. The 3D camera tracks the 22 focal points of your hand. This gesture control allows the players to connect their body movement with the games. 

Augmented reality and Virtual reality

AR technology is the fastest growing technology and it augments virtual objects with the real world, and it has changed the overall perspective of the games we play. According to the recent report, the AR technology is said to play a vital role in the development. More new players will be introduced to the gaming industry via this technology.

With a VR headset display, the players are able to get an interesting and engaging experience. The virtual reality game consoles are an impressive technology that gives the players a full fledged virtual treat of the game. 

HD Display

When you have incredible gaming graphics, the way you show them also should be of that quality. Now almost all displays are of high definition. The HD display represents the motion, color, and image sharpness of the game. These displays help you to avoid most of the mishaps that take place in the older technologies like visual artifacts, dropped frames, input lags, etc. Each player can have different resolution, monitor smoothings features, colour depth according to their likeness. However, games developed are all of high quality. 

Mobile Gaming Technology

The most drastic change in the gaming industry is mobile technology. It has rolled out the arcade and put them into your palm sized device. The easy accessibility of the device has indulged many new players to the gaming market, apart from the online and console gamers. And now when compared to console, PC gamers- the percentage of mobile gamers have increased to a greater extent that more than 50% of the global video game revenue is from mobile gaming. And this will keep increasing in the years to come.

Wearable Gaming Technology

Name it the smartglass or smartwatch, etc, the wearable technology is taking gaming to a different level. Many technology giants are working on designing wearable devices that have entered the fitness industry are now targeting the gaming industry. They are an extension of the gaming consoles.

Live Streaming

Already many players are watching and sharing live stream games. With the on-demand gaming technology, the players can now play live-stream video games just like Netflix and music streaming. With the advent of 5G technology the on-demand gaming becomes seamless for both small and big game developers and top game development companies in India

Cloud Gaming Technology

The cloud technology will replace the high end hardware that is required in developing the video games. This technology will not only reduce the hardware cost, but will also discard the storage issue that occurred in the consoles or discs. With cloud gaming, the players can simply  lookout for games on the cloud server, here the games are streamed to the players via internet. 


We have seen the technological development and the growth of game development for the past few decades. This growth keeps for the years to come and will be an integral part of our lives. We should understand the fact that any difference in the technology or game development creates an impact on the other. With the increase in the large user base the gaming industry is spiking its glory and it attracts major technology giants to venture into this market.

Therefore, we can expect furthermore changes to take place in the technology and the reason being the development in the video game industry. There are many game companies and game developers building games that will take the players to the next level of fun and excitement, and surely technological advancements will be a part of it. 

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