Important Mobile Game Development Trends To Follow

02/10/2020|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

Even during the time of pandemic when we are forced to stay at home to protect our family and ourselves, the only time pass we have is playing mobile games. If the game we play is not amazing, then we wouldn’t be interested in playing the game. Therefore, the gaming industry is pushed to develop adventurous and interesting games.

The gaming industry has grown to a greater extent because of the latest trends in game development. One of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of the gaming industry is the increasing user base. Based on a recent report, it was stated that by 2020 the video game industry is expected to increase by 90 billion dollars. Around 38% of Game developers in India focus on developing mobile games, while 53% of them focus on building Mac and Personal computers. 

Trends in Game Development

The way in which we played games has changed to a greater extent. From console to smartphones the way we play games has improved, but the love for playing games is still high. Game development techniques are transforming into the latest trends.

One of the greatest game-changer in game development is mobile technology. As it was easily available and accessible, many new players started playing games. With the growing popularity, many technology companies have come forward in investing in game development. 

Every day there is a change taking place in mobile game development and it focuses on improving the games into highly addictive and engaging ones. 

Game Consoles

The game consoles like Xbox and Playstation have replaced the traditional handheld devices. Though we have tablets and smartphones, most of the players prefer playing with the game consoles. And these consoles are an important part of the growing game industry. The players and the gaming industry will have an intensive gameplay experience with these new console technology. 

This will be a massive hit among the traditional gamers who love to indulge themselves in the gameplay without external disturbance. These are easy to use technology and does not require any updates, and they are cost-effective. You can easily carry the console device anywhere you go. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The way we play games was totally change with the advancement in the game development after the virtual and augmented reality. These technologies make the gameplay even more interesting. The other important fact is that these two technologies are going to increase the economic value of playing video games.

Both the VR and AR technology creates an immersing gaming experience that engages the players into the game environment making them a part of the game. The gaming market is going to face a massive change in the upcoming years. Knowing the advantages of this technology, many companies are focusing on developing VR and AR-based games. 

5G Technology

The fifth-generation technology has a greater impact on gaming. Apart from the gaming routers, it implies a more promising internet facility, lower latency, and data transfer. Many countries are testing the technology and will soon disclose the result globally. 

This technology changes the way we play video games. It is expected to overrule the waiting time of downloads.

The 5G technology has many benefits like deep coverage, strong security, high-reliability, ultra-low latency, extreme user ability, helps mobile broadband with deep awareness, and extreme data rates, and capacity, internet with low energy, and complexity, high density. With all these facilities, playing video games will have a different new trend. 

Cloud Gaming Market

With cloud computing, the internet connection becomes more quick and dependable. With this kind of service, just like streaming video and music, the players can easily stream games. Like other technology, cloud computing does not need any additional devices or hardware to play the game. The prime advantage of this cloud computing is the ability to quickly update the games without any haste. This technology helps the video games to reach all the population with its affordability and accessibility. 

In this cloud gaming, the server runs the game and streams the gameplay video to the player, and the inputs given by the players are sent over the network to the server. Most of the work is done via the server while streaming the audio and video is done by the computer. Cloud gaming is referred to as the streaming of videos in an interactive way. Many companies are working on cloud gaming. 

UX/UI in Game Development

User experience and User interface are the most important things we have to take care of, while developing any game. A successful game should have an appealing look with smooth gameplay and exceptional visual effects. 

The very first thing that the player sees is the UX and UI, it is the overall outlook of the game and sound effects that attracts the users to play the game. With high-end graphics, smooth flow, and feasible control, the designers are able to build a significant output that offers a relevant and meaningful user experience. 

In other words, the interface is the elements that interact with the players, while the user experience is the individuals collaborating with the gameplay and the entire experience. 


The gaming industry is fast-moving with a lot of changes happening with each passing day, new updates, new technologies, new designs, and so on. Many developers and game studios will be following multiple tools and technologies in the game development process. They find it hard to match the trends and global versions in this process. 

However, understanding the audience and knowing the changes that are happening in the gaming industry makes it easy for developers and game companies to create seamless and hyper-realistic games. 

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