Is Your Game Missing The Fun Element? Game Designing Tips On Your Bay

15/09/2020|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

Game designing is a crucial part of game development. The Play/App Stores are filled with many games, but all those games do not have a decent number of downloads. Do you want your game to end in a similar situation? No right!

There are few factors that make a game popular among the players, interesting gameplay, amazing design, and storage space. Technical skills can be gained through learning, but to design a game you have to be creative and imaginative ideas. 

Best Games Have The Best Game Designing Features

Among millions of game apps, only selective apps are popular, even new players try their hands on popular games. The reason is the ease of playing the game. All the popular games have some common elements that make them shine among the other apps. Let’s look at the components that make a game fun.

Interesting Visuals and Themes

A common statement said by all the game marketers and players is that the gameplay should be interesting. Yes, it is true. But we cannot deny the fact that the players look at the visuals throughout the day while playing the game. 

The game designer should use the correct themes and graphics for the game that keeps the players engaged in the game. There are many new technologies available that help in enhancing the visual effect of the game. Without high-tech, the game doesn’t look incredible. Therefore the best way to attract players is by using sharp graphics.

Enthralling Environment

The game world is a very important part of the game, as the players breathe and live in the game environment. It is the role of Game developer India and across the world to create the best gaming experience for the players. 

The one thing that differentiates movies and other entertainment media from games is the interactive world offered to the players. The game designers, concept artists, creative directors, and game designers sit together and work to create a world that seems to be true. Thus making the players a part of the game. 

Solid Storyline and Interesting Levels

Most of the beloved and best games are still popular because of their storyline. We humans always connect with stories because it touches and intrigues us with the story and associated characters, plots, and much more. The characters must be visually appealing so that the players can relate to it, as characters have the power to change a good game to a great one.

The game levels are used to complement the mechanics of the main game. Every game environment has its own style and challenges and it increases as the levels move further. It is very important to construct a strong storyline that is interesting and it engages the players to keep playing the game. 

A structured level pushes the storyline ahead and encourages the player to proceed with the game and find new challenges and adventures. The art of creating a good level design requires more planning and practice because it has to keep the players engaged and to explore rather lose interest in the game.

Excellent Audio Design

The music and sound play an important role in the game. Music has the ability to influence the mood of the player and change the entire feeling of playing the game. The sound effect has set the player’s mind in the right frame so that they can play the game with more interest. A game without proper music or sound quality is of no importance. 

From the background music, character movement, defeating obstacles, to gaining rewards all elements in a game are associated with music. The virtual game gives a realistic feeling with good sound effects. So the audio track of a game has a big role in evoking the player’s emotion and spiking the game experience. 

Balance Between Power-ups and Challenges

Most of the game designers find it difficult to create a perfect balance between game challenges and rewards. For instance, if the game is too difficult none of the players would love to continue playing the game, while an easy game bores the players as they lose interest in the game.

The successful games that are present in the stores are the ones that have a balanced game design. Make sure the game is finetuned with sensible challenges with interesting rewards. The game must be designed in a way that the players should feel the difficulty in completing a game while they should not be frustrated in completing the task. Encourage the players with special goodies and rewards so that they can always feel excited and entertained in playing the game.

Players play for fun, so making their experience a memorable one is in the hands of the designer. 

Final Thought

The gameplay is the most significant aspect of the game. The game you create might have an explicit storyline with breathtaking visuals, but if the game mechanics do not excite the players, it might not be loved by your audience. There are several ideas and thoughts available online that can help the game designers go on the right track while designing a game. 

UX/UX Company in India to help you in making your dream project live and running. Also, gaining more ideas and following strategies of popular games might seem a good idea, but remember this uniqueness is what has made that game popular among the players. 

Everyone has a creative side, evoke your imagination and add a spark to the game, it might be a new style in the game or a tweak in a genre. Make sure you test all aspects of the game design and evaluate the quality of the game before releasing it live. Hope these tips will help you in designing good games.

The secret ingredient is what makes a dish delicious, similarly, your creativity makes your game a hit. Always love what you do and the end result will be loved by your audience.

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