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Mobile Games Aren’t Your Enemy if You Play Right

20/08/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

In general, non-gamers do not have a good opinion about playing mobile games. And discussing the benefits of playing mobile games is a bit of a controversial topic. Don’t you think?

Though people might find it outrageous to get to know the benefits of playing mobile games, there are authorized and genuine studies and research on this topic. But before knowing the benefits, let us discuss mobile games. 

Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile games contribute to 50% of the gaming industry’s global revenue. And it is said to increase over the years. Many gaming companies and developers are trying to develop interactive and engaging games to attract gamers. 

There are different elements in a game that makes it attractive and addictive. A good game should have an impressive storyline, extensive gameplay, amazing graphics, incredible sound effects, brilliant user engagement mechanics, and monetization strategies. Also, there are various genres of mobile games available in the Play Store and App Store. 

Mobile Genres

There are various gaming genres available, and we can discuss the famous genres of games players mostly love to play.

Action: This genre is based on physical challenges and the core mechanics of the game are attacking, jumping, running, shooting galleries, sharp reflexes, fast-moving fighters, etc. 

Adventure: The games of this type have reflex testing and puzzle gameplay. It transports the players to a completely new world with different characters and magical elements.

Strategy: Games in this genre challenge the mind with strategic dilemmas, tactical puzzles, and shootouts. 

RPG: The Role-Play Games transports the players into a different world. It consists of complex journeys, character-driven narratives, heavy storylines, and hours of play. 

Sports: A good sports app consist of touch-based controls and advanced graphics that make it attractive for the players to start playing the game. These kinds of apps cover real-life sports games like Baseball, Basketball, Football, etc. It generally focuses on one particular part of the experience.

Social: A social mobile game is an online game played via a social network. A typical turn-based, casual game, multiplayer, etc kind of game. 

Card: Solitaire, Poker, and various types of digital cards are available in this genre. While card games are fun, you can even get to know some amazing and fascinating adventures and stories. And you have to think twice before drawing a card from the deck. 

Underlying Effectiveness Of Mobile Gaming

All those who play mobile games for hours have the guilt that they aren’t using their time in a productive way. But on the contrary, instead of whiling away our time, we are engaging ourselves to play mobile games. 

With the emerging technological evolutions taking place in the mobile gaming industry, you can get to know more about the new technologies and be updated. Different games have a different kind of impact or benefit on us. 

Motivates To Work Hard 

Playing a mobile game gives you a feeling of victory or achievement. When you play a challenging game with difficulty levels, you get to become conscious about the game environment and get yourself involved in the game. 

The urge to complete the task, fight the obstacles and rescue the victims gives mere satisfaction to the players. As the level of challenge increases, you tend to play the task and complete the mission. Therefore, you cultivate a practice to finish the things you’ve started. Also, it helps in relaxing your mind and frees away your anxiety. 

Increases Mental Strength

You have exclusive brain training mobile games that help you boost your brain power in an interesting way. The game is for both kids and adults. For the kids, the game levels are made at a fun and entertaining level, while for the elders, the challenges are even more intense and hard. 

The game app helps to understand things in a better manner and triggers a faster-thinking capacity. According to a study conducted on kids who played the brain training apps found a great improvement in their concentration level and cognitive abilities with better memory power. 

Problem-Solving And Coordination Skills

Some of the puzzle games, strategy, and adventure games have tricky gameplay that requires the players to use their problem-solving techniques in order to solve the mission. Mobile games are not a child’s play, you need to understand the techniques and nuances of the game to accomplish the mission. 

The players have to make split decisions to move from one level to another. Also, the players get a lot of mental stimulation from the actions and activities that take place in the game, which in turn helps them to improve their physical, audial, and visual coordination.

To make the game interesting, the games have an exciting storyline that keeps the players engaged in the game. Therefore, the players have to pay attention to the storyline and the instructions that are provided by the game. This helps the players to enhance their audial and visual memory skills. And moving the characters on the gameplay helps in improving your speed. 

Ignites The Creativity Within

Mobile games are filled with magical characters, fascinating elements, incredible storylines, spellbound graphics, and bang-on music, and these are the attributes that make the game exciting and interesting. Players who play the game have a greater increase in their creativity, concentration, and attention. 

Both the adults and kids have a good impact on their imagination and grasping level. An experiment conducted upon the adults who played mobile games has seen a cooperative, non-linear, and creative technique. So do the kids, they have the spark to imagine, create new things, come up with new innovations and ideas. 

And people under depression were able to relieve their stress and hostile feelings. The mobile games were helped in the mood management for many players. And the concept of multiplayer and connect to friends help people to open up and socialize with others. 

Wrap Up

While playing mobile games has so many benefits, you need not spend hours and hours playing the game. Manage your time accordingly and spend quality time with family, friends, and some ‘me’ time playing mobile games. 

Everything has its own limits. Playing in moderation does not affect our daily lifestyle. 

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