Secret For Unity Game Engine To Be Developer’s Best Choice

11/11/2020|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

The gaming industry has gone to a new level of transformation within the past few years and we have witnessed outstanding developments in video games. While games are a major source of entertainment, it is also the most popular revenue-generating industry. 

Developing a game is not an easy task, but with the help of software development platforms, we can create amazing and exciting games.

Reason Behind Unity Game Engine’s Popularity

When we talk about the game engine, there are a lot of game engines available in the market. However, game development companies and game developers prefer Unity game engines. Now let us find out the reason behind the popularity this game engine has among the game developers.

Unity for All

The game engine’s personal edition is free to download and use the edition which is the first thing that impresses the developers. Also, a developer can build an entire game using this engine and sell the same without spending any money. To support the aspirant and indie developers, the personal plan of this software is loaded with all the features. However, if an entity or a studio is using this software, they have the paid version. Many Game developers in India are using this game engine. From a simple 2D game to a sophisticated AAA game can be built using this software. 

Unity for Any Genre

Indie game developers choose this game engine without any second thought as it has all the features to build games. You can design games in any genre of your choice using the Unity game engine and it encourages the developers to push their ideas to insanely wide options. In the Pro user status, the developers are not required to display the Unity logo, which is a privilege given to the developers by the game engine. 

Hasslefree Gaming Code

With the support of the game engine, the developers can easily do the programming. Javascript and C# are the two major programming languages supported by the game genre. Developers who are strong in these languages can easily start working on UnityScript. UnityScript is slightly varied from JavaScript, while it is similar to C#. Those who are not into programming can also use the PlayMaker tool and create their own scripts for the game components. Similarly, the genre has scripting references with a library of game mechanics scripts making you work pain-free. 

Professional Game

Most of the game studios prefer unity game engines as it is flexible and comfortable to work with. As it is easy to work with Unity most of the developers and development companies prefer to work on the Unity game engine. But those who are not proficient in Unity need not worry as other game engines do share the same similarities. So working on Unity is a cakewalk.

Realism means Unity

Unity game engine has the best tools to prove the realism of the games. The game engine has the new physically based rendering for the shaders and helps the developers to create beautiful textured-based models. Most game developers use this tool for real-time compositing and illumination to create incredible graphics. Few even use this tool to create applications like product catalogs, realistic architectural visualization, to interactive art installations. In short, anything that requires rendering in real life needs Unity. 

Platform Friendly

It is essential for our product to be compatible with multiple platforms, be it applications or games. And Unity is the best option when it comes to building on Android, iOs, console, or PC, you have to pay less or nothing as charge and you are good to go. With fewer or few alterations the game is accessible on different platforms and can be easily available on various online stores. Unity is a hassle-free game development software that helps you build real-time games.

Complete Suite

This game engine platform comes with a new set of features which helps the developers to develop, sell, and share games The game engine has Unity Collaborate and Unity Cloud Build for building multiple version without bogging the system and for backing up the complete project. Knowing that we have a backup of the project is so satisfying so that you can always refer to the project anytime. The game engine also allows developers to invite friends to make a change in the project to give it shape. The game engine has many services and it has tools for performance, ads, multi-player, analytics, and much more. 

Unity Game Assets

Unity Asset Store has everything you look for on an AI system, anything you want to add to your game like audio, animation, shaders, 3d models, or a complete project. The asset not only makes you build the game but also to sell your assets. These Unity assets are the best gift for game developers. 

Resource Mine

All scripts are available online for free, be resources, scripts, tutorials this is because of the global popularity of the game engine. Within the past few years, the availability of resources is more and any information related to game development is addressed. 

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