Stay Tuned For New Updates On Unicorn Run Candy Land

12/11/2020|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Release

We have the best surprise for you for this holiday season. Your favorite Unicorn Run Candy Land has a new look with different themed Portals and beautiful Unicorns. We have developed Unicorn Run Candy Land into a level based game and the goal is to make the highest Fan count while running in Candy Land.

The ultimate target of the Unicorn Run Candy Land is to increase the number of fan counts, while collecting berries and destroying the obstacles. This time we have updated the game by adding new levels to unlock Unicorns and different theme-based Portals. 

We know you’ll love themed Portals, so we have added exciting and beautiful Portals that denote the winter vacation. So we have the Night, Snow, Halloween, and Christmas Portals. Based on these themes, the elements in these portals are also updated. So the game has unrelenting powers and arduous Obstacles.


We have cool new themed based Unicorns with different powers, amazing shooting functionalities, fireballs, and so on. The updated version of the game has integrated leaderboards so that you can easily know your game status and compare it with your friends and find out who has the maximum number of fans. Enjoy this Thanksgiving with cool new updates on your Unicorn Run Candy Land.



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