Steps To Follow Before And During Game Development

11/01/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

Many games have been developed within the past decade and the online stores are filled with billions of games. However, with the popularity of the games among the players, the game developers are finding new ways to build the games. 

With the increase in the global gaming market, many investors from other industries are also focusing on the gaming industry to try their luck. This in a way helps the startups and indie-developers a chance to develop games, because many developers have trouble with funding. According to recent reports, the gaming industry is the top revenue-generating industry in the years to come. 

Game Development Process

Developing a game sounds interesting and easy, but it is a difficult task than building an application. The game development process includes several factors that are needed in building a game that will be loved by the players. 

Things to Know Before Game Development

There are a few elements that you have to consider before developing a game. And they will help in proceeding on the right track. 

Kow Your Users

The first step when you planing on developing the game is to identify your target users. You will publish your game on the public forum where there are people of different ages, demographics, and likings. Some love adventure games while there are players who like blocks, puzzles, maze, and another set of players who like fantasy games. 

So identifying the target audience makes it easy with all other processes because the sole purpose of developing the game is to entertain the payers and the success of the game depends on their engagement with the game.

Innovative Thinking

With one cool idea, you can create a wonderful game that can top the online stores. An idea determines the success or failure of the game. One can say that ideas can be scarce or abundant based on resource availability or creativity. However, with one amazing idea, you can develop a successful game. 

The game you develop must be unique, entertaining, and engaging- for all these reasons your game idea should be a perfect one.

Game Development Tool

As discussed earlier, game development is not an easy job and it requires a lot of effort. The gaming software makes the development process easy. There are various tools available in the market that comes with different features that help in enhancing the game. 

You can use the existing one or even create your own game engine depending on your game requirements. There are paid and free software available in the market, based on your budget you can opt for either one. 

Game Graphics

The graphics can be one determining factor of the game. The game design and graphics of the game attracts the players to play the game. Therefore it is necessary for the developers to keep in mind while building the game.

Based on the game’s need implement the necessary graphics. For example, your game idea might require 3d graphics and if you cannot implement it then there is no possibility of justifying the game idea. But sometimes you might implement 3d graphics when the game actually is good on 2d graphics, again this is unjust you do to your game. Analyze what the game really needs and implement the correct graphics. 

Good Workmanship 

A successful game requires a good team who can help in game development. With a successful team, you can easily build a game in no time but if there is no coordination between the team then the game fails in the market. 

Select a passionate team of game developers who have the ability to work together as a team and complete the game. 

Things to Know During Game Development

Similarly, there are certain things we have to keep in mind during the development process. It will help in publishing a successful game on the store.

The Story and Level Design

The story and characters of the game are very important as it lives in the minds of the players. It helps them to connect with the game and engages them to play the game. Make sure the storyline goes in a proper way and the characters blend with each other. 

Same way discuss the game environment, the game world, and levels of the game and see that the process is moving in a proper direction. As these elements are interlinked with each other the game development process will go in the correct direction. During the game development process, this is the first thing you have to keep in mind. When the storyline and other elements fall into place then the completion of the game will be proper. 

Game Mechanics and Gameplay

The game interests the players when the game mechanics and gameplay impresses them. To have impressive game mechanics you have to keep an eye on the core elements of the game. These game mechanics intend to create enjoyable gameplay, as they are the building blocks that help in the gamification process. 

Game Testing

Play your own game a number of times to check for any bugs and rectify them as much as possible in the development stage itself. Ask different teammates to play the game and you might be able to identify all the possible bugs before releasing the game. 

The mobile game developers in India generally follow this step so that they can save their time and process. 

Marketing And Publication

Before completion of the game, you have to find the marketing techniques for your game and do the necessary research so that you can be ready with all the possible marketing strategies. More than developing the game, taking it to the public and promoting the game is the crucial process. 

Contact Publishers who can help in promoting your game in different demographics. The publishers will have the ground experience in promoting the game, so connecting with them helps in increasing the user base for your game.

Follow all these tips before and during the game development and have fun in building interesting games. Enjoy gaming!

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