Tips that Will Guide You to Build Successful iPad Game Development

The mobile game industry is challenging at the same time it is the most rewarding industry that has abundant opportunities for the developers. Many of the game development companies have made incredible games, however, there are few games that haven’t made it in the market.  When the opinion about the future of the game is […]

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The mobile game industry is challenging at the same time it is the most rewarding industry that has abundant opportunities for the developers. Many of the game development companies have made incredible games, however, there are few games that haven’t made it in the market. 

When the opinion about the future of the game is high, few helpful tips can surely increase the success rate of the game in the App Store. 

Factors that Affect the Game’s Success

There are few games in the market that has failed to succeed because of various different reasons, like:

  • Lack of innovative and creative appeal 
  • Interesting monetization strategies
  • Poor user accession
  • Confusing or complicated gameplay 
  • The features lack originality and engaging elements.

iPad Game Development

The gaming experience is compatible in many ways when it is played on the iPad and it is an exceptional game system because of the size of the device. Players can download the iPad games from the iTunes store. The iPads are better than iPhones because it is an innovative system that has various features which assist in game development. The multi-touch feature, an accelerometer to add dimension to the game, virtual keyboard, large screen forms a stable frame for the game developers. 

What to do as an iPad Game Developer

There is a great deal of demand for iPad developers in the market. As an iPad game developer, you should keep certain things in mind, like understanding the game idea, conduct discussions with the clients, do complete research on the concept of the game. 

Make sure that you are equipped with the required infrastructures like a laptop or desktop loaded with Intel processors running on Mac OS X Leopard, a good internet connection, and SDK for the developers. You also have to know the programming languages to develop games on iPad like OpenGL, Objective C, and Cocoa. To publish your games in the iTunes Store, you have to register with the Apple Development Program for $99. 

Tips to Follow for a Successful iPad Game Development

Outsmart the Market

The App Store is filled with thousands of games of which there can be games present that are similar to the ones you have built. Therefore, it is very important to do some market research so that you can outplay your competitors. Doing market research on the game concept to make sure it is original and engaging for the players. You can download and play games that seem similar to that yours.

Amazing UX/UI

If the iPad games have a compelling, user-friendly, and intuitive interface it will attract more players to play the game. On planning to offer the players an appealing interface, do not overdo and complicate the controls. And while doing the graphics part of the game, consider different resolution quality and screen sizes. Make the UX/UI understandable for the users. 

Audio Quality

All the game masters are aware of the importance of sound in the game. The ideal way is to leverage the open-source libraries for game-related music, therefore, you can either customize the music or pick out a free sound effect. The custom music has the magic of transforming the game into a whole new entertainment treat for the players. And with iPads, the players can feel the mood and vibe of the game. 

Impressive Storyline

The players feel attached to the game when it has a storyline. You can build an action game or a strategy game with a fascinating storyline that enhances the characters and objects of the gameplay and the players become addicted. The impressive storyline with a neat execution does the magic.

Socialize the Game

Social media drives instant engagement to iPad games. In general, people love to share about the games they play, the rewards they receive, and etc on social media. The best thing about social media is, it generates a word of publicity while improving the community value. 

Monetization is Secondary

It is known that building games generate monetization, but when you build fascinating games of enormous value, why to bother about monetization. The main aim should be on building the best game and decide on the monetization strategy later. 

When your iPad game is addictive among the players and when it beats its competitor games, your game will automatically generate monetization. 

Holistic Testing Standards

As an iPad game developer, it is your responsibility to test for the functionalities of the game, the bugs, and crashes. The players expect smooth gameplay that is interactive and enjoyable. Use the SDK to test the codes and functionalities. You can even hire a freelance QA or game tester to test the game before it is being published on the iTunes Store. 

Proactively Market Your Game

Your job does not stop when the game is launched in the iTunes Store, you have to be creative in promoting your game in the market. The branding activity should reflect the vision and ultimate goal of the game. Some of the ways of marketing are: 

  • Blogs: Blogging is an effective way of branding and increasing the download of the game. You can pull greater tractions from the online communities and influencers who have similar opinions in a field.
  • Localizing: When you localize your iPad games it makes the global distribution more profitable, effective, and swift. The faster the game reaches the targeted users, the rapid is the success of the game.  
  • Key Performance Indicators: It determines how effectively you are towards the objective. Customize the KPIs to go beyond the generalization and gain more specific changes that will impact the game performance. 


You might have challenges while building iPad games, but the reward you receive in return is impeccable. Follow the tips that we have discussed above and set realistic and clear steps while designing and developing the game. The other important success formula is to have intelligent marketing strategies and a better understanding of the market trends.


Android Gaming Platform Rules the Mobile Game Industry

The gaming industry has seen steady growth over the years and will continue in the future. Mobile phones are one of the biggest reasons behind the growth of the gaming industry because of its availability among users.  Mobile phones are available among the urban and rural communities along with data connectivity. Kids, teens, and adults […]

The gaming industry has seen steady growth over the years and will continue in the future. Mobile phones are one of the biggest reasons behind the growth of the gaming industry because of its availability among users. 

Mobile phones are available among the urban and rural communities along with data connectivity. Kids, teens, and adults using the mobile phone has at least one game downloaded on their device. And they spend a quality amount of time playing those games. While most of them play for pleasure, there are some who play games as a profession and desire to become professional gamers. 

Ease of  Android platform 

Among mobile phone users, most of them use Android phones. Android is user-friendly and the growth of game development is increasing spontaneously because of the user base. Most of the Android games are based on Java (programming language), so you can easily develop android games if you have a good knowledge of programming. 

Even the non-professionals who are interested in developing Android games can watch the tutorials posted online by many geeks on how to develop games, and develop a customized Android game for their phone.

Android’s software development kit (SDK) is a toolkit that enables you to develop your own game if you already have experience in the development area. Also to enhance the ease of mobile game development, Google has provided the API documents. According to experts, gaming is used by different business professionals for different purposes like advertising through multiplayer games, mobile games, movies, and cinema promotions. 

Growth of Android platform 

Android is an engaging, portable, and flexible operating system and the game development process is much easier. Few reasons behind the development of the Android platform are, 

  • Smooth and intuitive user-interface
  • Efficient and flexible software ecosystem with interactive features
  • Power to create more design elements
  • Ease of customizing the look and feel
  • Developer friendly hardware platform

The Aspect of Android Game Development

Many developers used Android and it became the most popular operating system for mobile devices. Android is user-friendly, affordable, light-weight, and includes smart technologies that mark its success. 

Android platform has reached major heights in the digital market with a 76% share in 2016. And it has sprawled to different devices, therefore games are not restricted to consoles and PCs. 

Mobile Game Development in Android Platform

Android has done a major revolution in the OS by the introduction of various updates and versions. It has marked a significant margin in the digital marketplace with its excellence in both hardware and software. It has more polish with user-oriented innovations and is capable of competing with its rival iOS. 

Portable in multiple devices

Any Android game developed by the developer must be accessible on different Android devices with different configurations. Because a game designed for an Android device might underperform on another Android device, so it is important to ensure that the game is portable on all Android devices.

While designing and developing games for Android, the developers should have basic knowledge about Android. Android game applications are launched on the online platform every day as it is an ever-growing and expansive platform. The price and device configuration help the developers in determining their targeted audience, also targeting many devices as possible aid is delivering an exciting gaming experience. Android game designing and developing is getting intense each day.

Android Game Development

Because of the versatile attribute of Android, the developers love to work on this platform. It gives them room to explore and develop exceptional mobile games.

Some of the features supported by this platform are,

Programming language: Android platform uses C++ and Java programming language which are recognized and common among users around the world. Also, the Android NDK and SDK are a built-in common language that makes the work of developers simple and easy. 

Unique interactions: Android offers a direct manipulation feature that makes it easy to interact with the audience by means of dynamic real-time action, the element of interest, and feedback. It gives immense pleasure for the developers to build interactive and user-friendly gaming apps that allow them to do multi-touch actions, drag, tap, and swipe.

Support operations: Android offers sublime support to perform multimedia operations. Therefore, the game developers have the liberty to use multimedia objects with the game to enhance the gameplay.

Game- making made simpler: The work of the game developer is much easier because of the availability of a wide range of third-party tools. Android’s configuration procedure is swift and easily understandable. 

Friendly platform: When compared to other platforms, Android relives the developers from the pressure of confined conditions for application distribution. The developers can explore with a range of tools and features to build exciting games.

Android Game Engine

The major part of Android game development is because of the game development tools available in the market. With the right set of tools, game developers can build successful games. The development engines and frameworks available have different capabilities and caliber. Based on the developer’s experience, they can choose the tools they wish to work on. 

Following are some of the tools and engines that developers use while developing games, depending on the experience of the developers we have categorized into 3 levels, 

Expert-level tools

The expert level game developers use gaming tools that are eminent and equipped with more power, like

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity 3D
  • Marmalade

Intermediate level

Developers with mid-level experience can learn and enhance their game developing skill with the help of these development tools

  • GameMaker Studio
  • Corona
  • GameBuilder Studio
  • Moai
  • Appypie

Beginners level

All the entry-level developers who are aspiring to shine in the game development field can make use of the game engine to build their own game,

  • Fusion 2.5
  • Engine 001
  • GiderosMobile
  • Stencyl 
  • GameSalad


We have reviewed various aspects and benefits of the Android platform in mobile game development that helps aspiring game developers to craft enthralling and interactive games. And with the extensive options in the Android platform, the developers can experiment and build high-quality and excellent games.