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The Secret Behind Building a Great Mobile Game

20/09/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

There were days when the game developers had to build a flawless game and launch it in the Play/App Store, and the rest was taken care of by the users. And a good ranking in the App/Play store was considered the success of the app.

But in today’s competitive world, the players are unaware of about 80% of the games, while 20% of the games are unprofitable and are removed from the online medium.

What Makes a Great Mobile Game?

We have first understood the success strategy of a mobile game. You have to understand that the success of the game does not depend on the position it has in the Play/App Store. Likewise, short-term popularity does not indicate the success of the game, rather it is a trap. So, a mobile game is considered great or successful when it is able to engage the players in the long run and when it makes a profit. Also, the game developers put their heart and soul in developing a game, so the combined effort of the developers and the marketing professionals also is a factor that defines the success of the mobile game.

Building a Riveting Mobile Game

For a mobile game to be engaging and interesting, it should be designed in a certain pattern so that it has all the aspects incorporated in it.

Make a User-friendly Game

One of the main reasons behind a successful mobile gaming app is that it should be simple and easy to understand. The players should intuitively understand the mechanism of the game and get engaged with the gameplay within a few minutes they start playing the game. And as the players proceed with the game, it can have complex and challenging levels. But the initial stages should be intelligible and comprehensible.

Understand the targeted audience. Know what the users want and expect from a game. When there are thousands of games available online, why and what is the reason for a player to choose your game. When you are able to find out the answer to all these questions, you will definitely be able to build a mobile game that is simple and easy to use.

Appealing UX/UI of A Game

Remember never to compromise on the user experience and user interface of the game. Players first see the game and then learn about the interface, so these are the most significant and considerable elements in building a game.

Most of the unsuccessful games in the market lack good game design. And the controls should be easy and player-friendly so that the players can play the game without any interrupts. It is necessary for a game to be visually appealing to the users, and visual designing not only means the usage of proper fonts, icons, colors, or images, but the overall appearance of the game impacts the interaction of the players. A good chance to make the game app appealing to the players is by using the minimalistic or necessary amount of design. And while designing for mobile devices, you have to take care of how the game will be viewed in different environments and create a logical path and make it easy for the players.

Like visual design, sound also plays a significant role in game design. The sound adds value to the gameplay and helps the players to proceed with the game. The sound effect adds emotion to the game, therefore a perfect graphic design and sound effects are the most significant elements in game design.

Frequently Update the Game

Launching the game on the Play/App Store is not the end of the process, but the beginning. To make the game lively and get the player’s attention, constantly keep the game app updated with new elements and extensions.

To make the game innovative and fresh, you have to make few updations in the game at regular intervals, like adding content, levels, features, or characters. Apart from being fresh, it will also help in retaining the players to play the game again.

According to a recent study, it was found that nearly 50% of the game apps are deleted by the downloaders within 45 seconds of being downloaded, so beware of it. An appealing game design helps you to get some time. You can take the examples of some of the popular mobile games as a reference and study the UX/UI implementation, from the basic arrangement of elements to the contact form and try to build a unique game of your own.

Make It Live Before It Is Too Late

Most of the game developers invest more time in perfecting the mobile game before launching it, the real-time scenario is different. As you ‘Time is Precious’, build your game prototype and show it to the outside world. When the game app is live, and when players play the game in a real case scenario, you can receive the actual feedback.

By launching the game soon in the market, the game gains a certain amount of user attention and you can also make plot alterations, add or remove features, increase levels of the game, and make regular updates based on the real-time demand.

Develop a unique game that is engaging and entertaining, while keeping all these points in mind. Be passionate about game development and the results will reflect your passion.

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