The Top 5 Secrets on Developing Successful Mobile Games

10/09/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

The mobile game industry is the most demanding industry for the past few years. Though there are millions and millions of mobile game apps available on the Play/App Store, the game companies and developers are interested in building more and more games. This is because of the profit the industry has bagged along with it. 

Building the game and launching it in the market alone wouldn’t bring success to your game app. There are several factors associated with the success of a mobile game app. 

The secret of Success Behind the Game

The publishers are ready to pay so that they can get their games to reach the targeted audience. There are several ways in which you can promote the game, by using the app store promotions, advertising on social media, etc. If the players are not aware of your game, they wouldn’t consider the game, or download it. Hence, the promotion of a game is the baseline for its success. Even though promotion doesn’t define success, it influences the prosperity of the game among the players. 

Let us see the key elements that you can imbibe in your game that might lead it towards success.

1. Make the Game Freemium

You might have built a bang on the game and if you try to charge the players to play the game, then you might not get the expected number of downloads. In general, people love ‘free’ things, especially when it comes to apps and games that are available online. The reason is, over the years we have become accustomed to accessing the online content without paying for it, hence we expect the same for the games as well. 

The other advantage of freemium is, it allows the user to test the unknown product and get familiar with its features and attributes. So, if the users like the product and when they are interested in its advanced features, they might be ready to pay for it, since they have accessed the core product for free. 

Therefore, while launching your game in the market offer it as a freemium model for the players. Let them get used to the game and its features. The increase in downloads is proportionate to the success rate.

2. Engage the Players 

As the game is available for free, the very next thing that you have to do is to build a community and connect the players. The user base increases with more connections. Make use of the social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as it has billions of users. Therefore, the potential players are available within a single space. 

If you are able to build the right channel, then your game gets a lot of exposure. The game has to be hyped and all must talk about the game, doing so will increase the exposure of the game. Players in social media tell their friends and spread the word of mouth about the game. People rely on other people’s views and reviews before getting into a product. Remember, social media is a commercially viable commodity.

3. Maintain Simplicity 

While building the game, see that you maintain simplicity in the game interface and mechanics. Complexity is a bad option when it comes to creating a game. Players expect the game to be easy, interactive, and effortless. Within a few seconds of playing the game, the player should be aware of all the mechanics of the game. 

When it comes to mobile devices, making a simple game is the best way to go; irrespective of the game genre. Games that are considered easy to observe are the ones that disclose the depth. The game should be simple and the potential players must know what they are getting. 

4. Visually Appealing User Interface

If the game crashes at the beginning for 50% of the players, then do not release the app. And if the players take more than 3 clicks to get to the main functionality of the game, you have screwed the user interface and need to modify it. 

Visuals play an important role in game design and they might restore or destroy the game’s look. Even with the limitations of graphical capabilities in mobile devices, it is possible to produce stunning graphic designs. Creativity will get more talking than graphic details. Also, creative visuals help in the marketing aspect of the game.

5. Multiple Platforms Double The Exposure 

Limiting the game to a single platform is not a good option. Instead, build a cross-platform game that benefits in exposure-wise and business-wise. It supports custom game app development that is compatible across all mobile platforms. Targeting many segments helps the game development company to reach more players which eventually leads to increased market share. 

You need not write unique codes for the different platforms because of the reusable code component, so the program developed for one game leverages into different platforms. Also, this reduces more than 70% of the development process time and helps you to adhere and abide by before the project’s deadline.

When you build a mobile game app, imbibe all the tips that we have discussed above to make your game a grand success in the market.


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