Tips to Make Your Game More Saleable in the Market

26/09/2020|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

The gaming industry has now become the mainstream business in the digital market and it involves marketing, development, and monetization. More than an entertainment industry, it has become a profession. 

The gaming industry has generated around $135 billion in 2018 and it is expected to increase by 2021. It is well known that the gaming industry is gradually taking over the business world. The growth of the gaming industry evolved along with the growth of the internet and mobile technology. Most of the emerging entrepreneurs want to venture into the gaming world because of its popularity and accessibility among the large user base. 

More possibilities generate more success

A good game needs a good idea and planning. Before starting the project it is vital for you to do some market research like- what genre is popular in the market, what the targeted audience expects from the game, and the best game development company that can envision the game along with you. 

The development of the game is the most important and tedious process in building the game. This process involves more time, as the game developers India has to design and build the game based on your idea. The developers also have to take care of the timely updates. 

The idea is the key 

All the successful games that are existing in the market are developed based on the unique idea. You can popularize the game among the users by coming up with creative and innovative game ideas. And use the latest technologies and development tools to give life to the ideas. 

Building a game involves a lot of processes. You need an efficient team that has the knowledge to develop a game that satisfies all the criteria involved in developing a successful game. 

Combine different technologies

Technology has grown to a greater extent and has empowered our lives. When it comes to the gaming industry, technology has taken game development to a hi-tech level. Having a technical expert by your side will enable you to clearly understand a lot more about the game. 

We can blend other technologies in this domain like the Internet of Things, machine learning, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. Blending various technologies together can produce the best output from the development point of view, while users can have a realistic experience. 

Cross-platform friendly

The other aspect of game development is to develop a game that can be accessed on multiple platforms. The targeted users use various different platforms to access the game, and hence the games have to be developed in multiple platforms.

With the development of mobile phones, users using Android and iPhones have tremendously increased. Therefore, if you wish to make your game popular among the users, build the game that is compatible with Consoles, PCs, Android, Windows, and iPhone devices. 

Marketing strategies for your game to be successfully saleable than others

While designing and developing the game is an important aspect, a proper marketing strategy has to be designed even before launching the game. Therefore, a game with a dedicated marketing plan can effectively make your game more saleable than others. 

Reach the users

The landing page is a potential one for gaming apps, as it helps to reach the targeted audience who are outside the app store because the download pages and webpages are geared up independently towards the users from different environments. 

So, it is significant that you set a marketing strategy for the game app even before creating the website content. The landing page should increase the volume of lead generation, understanding customer engagement, gathering information about the users, offering insights, and offering fuel for other additional marketing channels. 

Reviews and Feedbacks

Before downloading a gaming app or any app, the users look for the reviews and ratings given by the other users. As an app marketer, you can make use of these reviews and ratings to your advantage. Instead of optimizing the game according to the reviews given by the users, you can try to understand why the users request and improve accordingly. 

Forums for audience

To build trust among the players, you can create a forum for your game where the player can interact with other players and developers. The audience can give both negative and positive comments, but the interesting aspect of the forum is that you can communicate with the users and get to know them better.

As you are aware of the user’s needs, you can easily turn the negative comment to a positive one. Also, the other negligible aspect is customer support. It is important to help the users with their gaming experience and it is part of the marketing strategy. 

Socialize the game 

You can easily meet all the users through social media, and it is a proven strategy to attract the user’s attention. Including the social media in the gaming app helps to connect with the players and enable them to share their achievements made in the game. 

This helps in building trust in the game and make the players feel more comfortable playing the game. This strong emotional bond towards the game helps in marketing the game. Furthermore, you can get instant recognition for the game by posting it on other social media channels. 

Video preview

Videos are more interactive than text descriptions of the game, and it is easy to share the video file across different platforms like Vimeo, Daily Motion, YouTube, and others. This is the fastest way to market your game to the targeted users and to attract new players. 

The video content is an excellent way to highlight the attributes of the game, so it is important to take much care while creating video content. 

Following all these will surely help you in building a great game and successfully market it. Not too little, not too much is what you have to follow while marketing your game. With a great marketing strategy, launch your game in the market and make it successful. 

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