Top UX Design Agencies to Work With In India in 2021

04/08/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Design

Online users expect a seamless and intuitive user experience. India is potentially and globally evolving as a superpower in UX design. With the help of a proper UX design, you can easily engage the users with software, website, applications, or marketing platforms.

If your website or application is backed with a good UX design, it becomes easy to increase business revenue, minimize the cost of web development, attract users with the content, increase customer loyalty, and help users have a good impact on your product.  However, you have more on UX design depending on the experience and ability of the agency/freelancer.

Luckily, India has the best UX Design studios to hire. While choosing the design studio, there are certain criteria you can look up to like the visual design, usability, implementation, concept, product, advertising, digital, physical, speed of starting the collaboration, UX research, culture, price.

Best UX Design Agencies to Work With

Here, we will discuss the top UX design studios that are dominating the market.

Divami Design Labs

In 2008 Divami Design Labs introduced the popular user experience and user interface, they use a three-step sprint process to handle projects like discovery, design, and development. They are specialized in content management systems, WordPress, .NET, and UI/UX design.

Most of the brands that have worked with Divami Design Labs experience a tremendous engagement with their customer base by targeting the audience with a complete re-evaluation of their strategy.

Hashbyte Studio

The studio was founded in 2018, Pune. The studio specializes in game design, digital strategy, UI/UX, branding, and content management. They have worked on websites, web/mobile apps for clients from various spectrum of industries.

The best thing about their design work is that they offer exceptional user experience and provide the best aspect of the business that includes the overall brand presence, visuals, and many more.

NetBramha Studios

The design studio was founded in 2008, Banglore. The agency specializes in design, research, analysis, synthesis, UI/UX design, and digital strategy.

NetBramha offers its clients an effective and impactful strategy for reaching exceptional goals. They serve with focused and refined service in the digital space. They always treat their project with a systematic and process-oriented approach.

Lollypop Design Studio

Best digital agency in 2013 based in Bangalore and has an established satellite office in Mumbai. Lollipop is the best agency that designs models for applications and tools across various industries like food tech, education, healthcare, and social platforms.

Lollypop Design Studio is best known for creating websites with a high bounce rate. They design web pages with impressive micro-interactions that make them more interesting, engaging, and more active.


The design agency was founded in 2017 in Mumbai. The company provides web, UI/UX, and product design solutions. They serve clients from various fields like business services, media, and financial services from large and small firms.

They help brands improve their UI/UX design experience and increase user engagement. Silverscoop is popular for building easy-to-use and user-friendly applications and tools.

Yuj Designs

In 2009 Yuj Design was founded in Pune, they have branches in Bangalore and Sunnyvale. The design agency has successfully built user experience for many international clients and Fortune 500 companies. The industries consist of hospitality, financial services, leisure, and retail services.

Yuj Designs offer effective and impactful strategies for the clients. The strategies include refining the distinct style and visual profile of the client.


It is known as Wink Tales, founded in 2012. The digital studio is based in Bangalore who is specialized in UI/UX design. They focus majorly on the midmarket and enterprise clients from leading industries like consumer products, financial, retail, and IT.

Helps clients build a close relationship with their customers, by allowing them a few functionalities that improve their interaction with the brand.


The UI/UX design and branding agency was founded in 2010 in Chennai, India. Rillusion offers design and product strategy startups for established clients on an international scale. Their main focus is on UI/UX design for digital products.

They create the best apps that leverage deliver the design capabilities to boost the navigation system, user flow, and design smooth navigation like swipes and taps.


One of India’s interactive design firms was established in 2008 that specializes in web and mobile platforms. The firm specializes in intranets, kiosks, e-commerce websites, and SaaS platforms.


Userfacet is based in Banglore, it takes UX design to next level by helping brands to evolve in their best form. They take a special interest in the digital transformation of brands by taking digital initiatives to improve the brand’s efficiency.

The digital agency follows a focused service and assists the brands to connect with their users in a unique way. They help brands to define strategies for their users to improve their reach.


Listed above are some of the top UI/UX Design Company India. If you wish to improve your relationship with your users, upgrade the user experience. An easy-to-use platform helps the users to stay longer and explore the functions provided by the brand. Choose a digital agency to help you transform your business based on your requirement.

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