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Ways To Balance The Simplicity And Complexity In A Game

25/08/2021|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

The main aim of the game developers is to make sure the gaming app is engaging and interactive, whereby they can gain a larger user base and get a share in the marketplace. When we talk about building engaging and interactive mobile games, there are a few things that have to be considered while developing games. 

Points To Remember

You can make the game more interesting than the other games in the market by implementing a few elements in the game, that will excel in the game in the market.

  • Easy and simple gameplay 
  • Handy and minimum tools 
  • User’s reviews and feedbacks

When the following points are implemented in the game, you are sure to build the best gaming app. When all the aspects are imbibed and when the developers are content about the performance of the game app, it will succeed in the market. Therefore, the balance between simplicity and complexity is what is expected by the users, any game that satisfies this aspect is bound to succeed. 

Is It Easy To Balance Simplicity And Complexity?

Here, we will discuss a few ways in which you can outrival your game by knowing the key elements of balancing the game’s complexity and simplicity level. 

The Art Of Simplicity Is A Puzzle Of Complexity

The Necessity Of Balance In A Game

When you are able to balance the game between simplicity and complexity, the game becomes a major hit among the users and also scores the market share. We already have a few successful games in the market that we’re able to attract the players because of the usage of a good amount of simplicity and complexity.

The concept of the popular game ‘Call of Duty’ is simple, the players have to kill the enemies, however, the players have to understand the usage of weapons, selecting the targets, utilizing the correct resources, etc. The advantage of the game is its complexity. When a game is difficult the players would feel discouraged and might stop playing. But in this game, the developers have made the level of difficulty more exciting, challenging, and riveting. 

Also, the famous Candy Crush is a ridiculously simple game to play and easy to understand, though the difficulty level is the same throughout the game, scoring wouldn’t be easy. So, even being a simple game the players feel delighted, fun, and happy to play the game. 

Hence, when you are aware of the level of simplicity and complexity that has to be included in the game, surely it speaks volumes. 

Level Of Complexity 

Some developers try to replicate the real-life scenario into the game making it difficult to play. And they set many rules in playing the game which is frustrating and uneasy for the players. Players are not interested in remembering way too many rules while playing the game. So, while developing the game, remember to restrict the usage of the attributes of reality in the game. 

In the ‘Clash Royale’, the players are engaged with the occurrence of various cards that has a different level of capacity. This kind of difficulty does not come at the initial stage of the game but emerges along with the levels. 

A successful game offers starts with a minimal level of difficulty and increases with interesting challenges in the later stages. 

Ways Of Balancing The Game 

There are different ways in which you can balance a game. Even though you might wish to increase the number of rules in the game, it might not entertain the players. So, instead of adding more rules, add the complexity organically in the game by surprising the players without modifying the basic premises, and by bringing more excitement and challenges. 

Though it seems hard to design the complexity level, consider asking yourself a few questions that will guide you in building a successful game that is profitable to the players and to you. Decide on how you want to design your game, do you want it to be complex or simple, whether the complexity level excites or frustrates the players, and when can the levels of complexity increase that would keep the game engaging and interactive. 

These questions will enlighten you to build a good game with all the elements bound together as a single package.

Final Thought

Everybody has various different opinions while building a game, the main aim behind creating the game is to make it engaging, popular, and profitable. The developer should have a strategic, logical, and systematic knowledge about the player’s mind. Also, they have to have an understanding of the combination of animations, designs, stories, audio, and backgrounds that work best together. 

The players should understand the game without any difficulty and it should possess a good timing sense. Therefore, the players should not find it difficult to identify the key playing mode while playing the game. You have to know how to balance the game by increasing the level of excitement with minimal complexity as the player goes ahead of the game.  When the game is easy to understand and challenging to play, then it is the best game. 

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