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Coding Pitfalls to Avoid When Learning How to Make an Android Game

16/10/2023|Written by - Team Hashbyte|Game Development

Now, you may see that Android has taken over the market and has emerged as one of the most notable platforms for the developers of applications. That is all possible as developers can now host applications and connect with a massive community of developers online.

But, developing the application takes work for people, and if you are new, there are chances that you might make some common mistakes that affect the overall efficiency of the app. But before you learn about those mistakes, you must know how to make an Android game, what makes your Android game better, and what tips can help the developer.

So, let’s start!

Make an Android Game

Why Will Make Your Android Game Better?


  • Innovative Gameplay

Your game will stand out if you design it with exciting and original gameplay. You must think creatively to develop mechanics that surprise and excite the gamer. Innovation draws and keeps players, whether it is a novel take on a time-honored genre or an altogether original idea.

  • Polished Graphics and Art

Stunning images can increase the immersion of players. Thus, you should spend money on graphics and artwork that are in keeping with the concept and aesthetic of your game. You should carefully consider the character design, animation, and environment because doing so improves the gaming experience.

  • Intuitive User Interface

A user-friendly interface is necessary to guarantee that your user interface is simple, with clear menus and simple controls. Players of various skill levels can access it because of how easily it can be used.

  • Optimized Performance

Ensure the game performs smoothly and without lag when developing it. You should adjust your game for various hardware, screen sizes, and input methods. It guarantees that players have an engaging and consistent experience.

  • Regular Updates and Support

By regularly releasing updates, bug patches, and fresh content, you should demonstrate your dedication to your game. One should pay attention to player feedback to foster trust and encourage repeat business.

  • Monetization Strategy

You should develop a fair and discreet monetization strategy if your game offers in-app purchases or advertisements. A player values the openness and the opportunity to play the game without being constantly upsold.

Tips for Android Game Development for Beginners

Before you start your journey as an Android game for beginners, which can be both exciting and challenging. Here are some of the essential tips that you need to consider that will help you out:

  • Learn the Basics

You must start with a strong foundation in programming fundamentals such as data types, control structures, and variables. It is vital to understand Kotlin or Java as it is the primary language for Android development.

  • Choose the Right Tools

One must familiarize themselves with Android Studio, the official integrated development environment for Android. It also provides powerful tools for debugging, testing, and coding.

  • Start Small

It would help if you started with the small, simple game projects to grasp core concepts. When you gain confidence and experience, you can tackle more complex game ideas.

  • Study Existing Games

You should analyze and play existing Android games to learn what works and what doesn’t. This will give you insights into game design, mechanics, and user experience.

  • Design Your Game

Before planning the game’s concept, mechanics, and overall design, you can create sketches or storyboards to visualize your ideas before developing.

  • Embrace Debugging

Debugging is a significant part of development, and that is why you need to learn to use debugging tools for Android Studio effectively to identify and fix issues in your code.

What Coding Pitfalls You Need to Avoid?

Coding Pitfalls

Android game development does offer an exciting and rewarding journey as it offers an exciting and rewarding experience. You need to craft interactive and immersive gaming experiences, which can be an exhilarating challenge. However, a game development company may make some mistakes while developing, and those are-

  • Neglecting Programming Fundamentals

Many people new to game creation delve right into the creative side of creating their games without first learning the foundations of programming. It would be like building a house without knowing how to utilize the tools.

Understanding programming fundamentals, including variables, data types, loops, and conditionals, is vital before creating games. You will benefit significantly from this foundation as you progress in the game creation process.

  • Ignoring Documentation

Every Android developer considers Android Documentation the holy grail because it contains many instructive tutorials, training videos, educational guidelines, and other necessities for creating Android apps.

As a result, if you choose to ignore the Android documentation, you will miss out on professional advice and techniques for creating stable and dependable Android apps. With SDK tools, you may view the documentation online or download it.

  • Disorganized Code

A project that starts well might suddenly become an unmanageable nightmare due to disorganized coding. Your code should be organized into logical modules, classes, and functions if you want to develop games successfully.

Follow the recommended code indentation and commenting practices and adopt a consistent naming system. Not only is a well-structured codebase easy to understand, but it is also simpler to maintain and troubleshoot.

  • Leaving Apps Ideal Once It Is Launched

You cannot leave your apps dormant to remain relevant in the industry. Applications must be updated frequently to enhance user experience, eliminate bugs and problems, and increase efficiency. Your apps will fall behind the changing market trends without updating and maintaining them.

  • Not Joining the Android Community

You can’t expect creating apps to be simple and problem-free. There may be occasions when you need help getting past a particular step because you are stuck. Contact the supportive and proactive Android developer groups rather than spending endless hours contemplating the problem.

 Additionally, you might try additional sources like Google mailing lists and the lessons on the Android Development Center.

  • Not Ensuring That Android Tools Are Compatibility Enough

Many useful features in the Android SDK may be used to create excellent apps. While some Android game development tools let you make imaginative layouts and top-notch designs, command-line tools may also be used to access emulators and device hardware quickly.

In addition, the Android SDK includes tools that you may use to optimize and improve the performance of your apps. If you do not become familiar with these tools as an Android developer, you will not only have to put in more time and effort but also miss out on the huge potential to improve your app.

  • Fearing Failure and Not Asking for Help

Game development can be complex, and newcomers might encounter issues they need help fixing. Do not be reluctant to ask for assistance from forums, groups, or mentors. Asking questions and picking the brains of more seasoned programmers can speed up your learning and help you avoid common coding blunders. No matter their experience level, developers have all encountered difficulties and made blunders.


So, now, you are aware of the mistakes companies usually make while providing Android game development services. That is why one must look for ways to update and improve user experience to enhance efficiency. You must maintain your application properly because only you can keep up with the dynamic trends.

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