Top 119 Mobile Game Ideas

02/07/2019|Written by:Divya Bharti|Game Design

Gaming apps are the most popularly used apps among mobile users. Be it Apple, Android or Windows, more than the popular social media apps- games are the commonly used ones. So, making a mobile game app is the best way to generate revenue.

While there are a wide variety of mobile game apps available on the store, only a few apps stand on the spotlight. If you have the idea of making game apps, make potential apps that are addictive to the play.

What is an addictive game?

Any game that takes you to the fantasy world is an addictive game. Follow the three I’s to make your game and addictive one- they are intuitive, innovative, and interesting.

You want to know how to make brainstorming games, here is a list of few popular game ideas that will inspire you in making amazing games.


Family & group games:

Mobile games are not just a relationship between you and your handheld device, it can even be a social affair. Games are the icebreakers that encourage you to socialize with your family and friends. Are you looking for new game app ideas? Check these exciting ideas.

  1. Just Dance Now

    A mobile game that makes the users sweat. You can make an app with a certain number of songs and include an in-app purchase to get famous beats.

  2. Psych

    An exciting party game from the creators of ‘Heads Up’. Make a zany game that is fun to play with multiple unknown players to make it more engaging.

  3. Triple Agent

    A party game filled with bluffing, hidden identities, deduction and backstabbing. You can make a similar game app- increase the number of players and turn it into a multiplayer game, make it a paid version as the level increases.

  4. Mysterium

    A deduction game with a story mode. The intuitive controls and gameplay keep the players play the game again and again.

  5. Selfie Games

    A mobile game that makes the users sweat. You can make an app with a certain number of songs and include an in-app purchase to get famous beats.

  6. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

    This is a VR enabled multiplayer game. All the players have to cooperate and communicate to defuse the bomb. Make interactive apps that have engaging gameplay.

  7. Train Party

    Keep the train going as long as it can. This is a competitive and cooperative multiplayer game. Make a simple game app with better execution.

  8. Heads Up

    Hilarious and fun-filled game. Make an app with fun-filled categories and add an in-app purchase to unlock those categories.

  9. Bounden

    With an innovative idea and challenging gameplay, it is possible to make potential mobile apps. It is a great way to bond with family and friends.

  10. Who Can’t Draw

    A different concept that helps to engage and connect with others, also improve the art. People now expect apps of this kind. Making apps of this kind involves minimal investment with potential benefits.

  11. Spaceteam

    A mobile game that makes the users sweat. You can make an app with a certain number of songs and include an in-app purchase to get famous beats.

  12. Ticket to Ride

    Board the train to experience the golden age of the railroads. You can make an app with interesting visuals and 3d rendering.

  13. King of Opera

    Slam other competitors and fight for your fame to become the King of Opera. A very simple control feature with a neat interface, but loved by all the players. Make an app by analyzing the player's mind.

  14. Hoopa City 2

    Team up with the Hippo-Hoopa to build your urban playground. The game has exciting features to entertain the kids, and it also helps the kids to improve their creativity.

  15. Toca Life: Hospital

    Interactive gameplay for both kids and adults to play as a group to discover the hidden objects within the game. You can make a gaming app that is gentle and interactive, without spending much money

  16. Casino & dice games:

    The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be. It's time to play with big money at the dice game, card games or even the slot machines. Are you ready to beat your friends?

  17. World Series of Poker

    This is the most authentic game played around the world. Accelerate more downloads by offering amazing deals, tournaments, events, poker clubs, etc.

  18. Zynga Poker- Texas Hold’em

    Experience Vegas casino by playing this game. It is ideal to make an app like this because it has a strong user base.

  19. Hot Shot Casino Slots

    Best slot machine games online with new events, bonus rounds and tournaments. This is one of the famous games played by among all age groups.

  20. City of the Game- Baccarat

    The game gives you a sophisticated feeling being in the elegant casino of Macau. Make an app that has an enthralling interface design and gives rewards and bonuses.

  21. Roulette Royale

    Virtually amazing interface with 3d rendering makes it the best casino app. Many players play this game to get an insight into the real-world game. The virtual rewards and complimentary chips glue the players to stick to the game

  22. Craps- Casino Style

    Make an app with the engaging and authentic user interface, random dice behavior, keep track of the bets and offer payouts and coins for free(initial level). Monetize the app with ads, etc.

  23. Blackjack 21

    Win chips by placing the best bet. You can make an app with stunning graphics and exciting UI. You can enhance the app with free chips, offers and deals, conduct tournaments, connect with friends, etc.

  24. Texas Holdem Poker Online

    The cartoon graphics gives the serious game of poker a fanciful feel that makes it frivolous and fun to play.

  25. Roulette Live

    This game app has a ‘win chance meter’ shows the chances of each bet- this gives knowledge of different styles of betting.

  26. Jackpot Party Casino Slots 777

    You can make slot games with different categories, gain casino bonuses, access the virtual casino slots

  27. 25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbooks

    This is all in one bundle of Vegas-style betting games. Make an app that satisfies the needs of the player with neat gameplay, authentic code, and impressive graphics.

  28. DoubleU Casino

    Feel free to play high-quality slot machine games from the classic to state of the art releases, with engaging social interactions. You can make an app like this.

  29. Pai Gow Poker

    Using a typical deck of cards, you can make a possible game app. Include bonuses and credit points to make the app engaging and interactive. Monetize the app to increase revenue.

  30. Sports games:

    ‘Sports does not build character, they reveal it’. Most of the apps downloaded on the App Store/ PlayStore are sports game apps. A good game app combines high-tech graphics with easy touch controls making the game interesting to play. Sports have a massive number of the fan base and making an app based on it will attract all those fans.

  31. R.B.I. Baseball

    Baseball game apps are downloaded by many gamers, so make a top-notch app with exceptional physical motions and 3D graphics with realistic gameplay. Optimize the controls and other game functions using simulations.

  32. Badminton League

    This is the best Badminton game played by the player which has a very simple and elegant user interface. You can make a game app that is compelling and competitive by adding different game modes, upgrade options, play with friends. Furthermore, use graphics techniques to render realistic hit and smash experience.

  33. Madden NFL Overdrive Football

    It is not possible to overstate the enthusiasm and excitement the fans have for this game. ‘Football fever’ is not a word, it's an emotion. Make an app for the die-hard fans with intense gameplay, along with promos and rewards.

  34. NBA 2K19

    Using a typical deck of cards, you can make a possible game app. Include bonuses and credit points to make the app engaging and interactive. Monetize the app to increase revenue.

  35. NBA Live Mobile

    This is an incredible app with challenging gameplay with different game modes. The game is free to play, the players have to grind so that they can earn in-game currencies, boosters, packs, and new players.

  36. College BBALL Coach 2 Basketball Sim

    You are the coach of the college Basketball team where you manage all the aspects of a coach like, the game strategy, team formation, recruiting and scouting the training, tactics, and etc. This kind of app interests and engages a player to spend more time playing the game.

  37. Football Manager 2019 Mobile

    You are the coach of the college Basketball team where you manage all the aspects of a coach like, the game strategy, team formation, recruiting and scouting the training, tactics, and etc. This kind of app interests and engages a player to spend more time playing the game.

  38. New Star Manager

    Make an elegant and simple mobile game app with less investment that gives good returns. Make the gameplay intense with realistic simulations.

  39. .Darts Of Fury

    Now play dart on your mobile phone. In this game, you challenge head-to-head with the elite players and win the prize money.

  40. MLB Home Run Derby 19

    You can make an app on the Baseball league. Make an intense play mode with boosts, equipment, bonus points, and include in-game purchases. Also, making it a multiplayer game is an added advantage.

  41. Bottom of the 9th

    This board game captures the feel of the nine-innings (Baseball) game. It captures the skillful head games between the batter and the pitcher.

  42. Hockey Classic 16

    Make a distinctive mobile game like Hockey Classic 16. It has interesting game modes like Face-Off games and tournament games like the Winter games and Playoff games.

  43. MLB Manager 18

    With an excellent simulation and play mode, make an app that improves the managerial skills of the players.

  44. WGT Golf Game

    The WGT Golf game is a game simulation designed with 3D technology and GPS. The game is packed with virtual golf equipment and realistic golf simulation. Make a mobile game app as entertaining as this.

  45. Super Stickman Golf 3

    You can make an app based on the classic Golf game is a new spin. Add single and multiplayer mode, collectible card, power-ups, new courses with scenic experience.

  46. FIFA Soccer

    What are you waiting for? The new FIFA Soccer mobile game app offers a whole new soccer experience with upgraded gameplay. The app has so much to offer, like the new graphics, team chemistry, exciting style of play, and head-to-head challenges.

  47. Strategy Games:

    The strategy games are super crazy and fun. A strategy game is best when it challenges the mind, has strategic dilemmas, tactical puzzles, and management challenges. There are top-down tactical shootouts, turn- based strategy title game, and so on. Let’s take a look at some of the mind-blowing strategy mobile game ideas.

  48. Rome: Total War

    This is a turn-based strategy game with a sprawling battlefield filled with a large army. The app has epic tactics, engaging UI design, and gameplay. Make a turn-based app strategy game app with impressive game modes.

  49. Rebel Inc.

    This is a paid game but has millions of players worldwide. Make an app with critical play style, strategic challenges, and impressive graphics. Players will pay to play if the game is engaging enough.

  50. Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

    The most challenging and exciting gameplay. You have to break out from the toughest prisons in the world while following the prison rules and orders. If you want to earn from the game app, follow this idea of the game.

  51. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

    Make an app with challenging stages, new towers, special powers, upgrades, fun stuff, achievements, and hidden secrets. Include in-game purchases and ads to earn money from the app.

  52. Heroes of Flatlandia

    An epic turn-based strategy game with tactical battles, cunning AI to outsmart, stunning graphics technology, special abilities, and multiplayer.

  53. Battle of Polytopia

    If you are interested in the RTS strategy games this is the best game. Take a clan from the small village and turn it into a powerful kingdom. Players can build their strategic and analytical skills by playing this game.

  54. Alien: Blackout

    This is an intense strategy game with stupendous gameplay. Make an app with an exciting storyline with a brilliant visual effect.

  55. This is the Police

    The strategy game is all about dark management, the decisions of the player will influence the game. Solving the challenges, defending the department, collecting evidence against enemies, managing the officers, and more.

  56. Project Highrise

    Build a modern skyscraper and add all the facilities, like apartments, stores, offices, restaurants, and etc, while trying to keep the tenants happy and balance the budget. The players have to unleash the architect within themselves. The theme of the game is to plan, build, and organize.

  57. Iron Marines

    Is a space odyssey game with a dynamic and real-time strategy game that transports the players to an unknown celestial body. Make an app with amazing artwork, with a terrific play style, impossible and challenging game modes, empowerments, special weapons, etc.

  58. Pocket City

    Make a game app with the city building simulation playstyle. Make the app look aesthetic by adding more animations, 3D view, and ease of control.

  59. Clash Royale

    These are epic games and have a large number of audiences. Some of the game features can be bought with real money.

  60. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

    Have intuitive gameplay and touch screen controls. The game has a number of audiences. Make an app with interesting controls and interface.

  61. Templar Battleforce

    This is an army building and strategic combat gameplay with new challenges and storyline. If you are into aliens and space marines, this is a game for you.

  62. A Planet of Mine

    This strategy game combines the civilization development, along with exploration with the spacecraft. The game has a fascinating play mode and races that can be unlocked only through the in-game purchases.

  63. Trivia Games:

    The trivia games increases the cognition and memory power. It helps to realize the trivia geek in you. Playing these kind of games are entertaining and refreshes the memory with new information. Learning something new in a playful way is not regretting.

  64. HQ Trivia

    Win real money by playing this game.The games have challenging questions with limited timeframe, but is fun to play. You can even play with your friends.

  65. Trivia Crack Kingdoms

    Make a trivia game app with different channels, include multiplayers, play with friends from social media and random opponents. You can include in-app purchases to unlock higher levels of trivia questions.

  66. Trivia Crack 2

    This game allows the users to create questions, and exchange the items with friends. For each correct answer the player gets collectible character, which will bring the gold bar. Using the gold bar the players can double their chance or buy power-us.

  67. QuizUp

    Make an app loaded with hundreds of thousand questions under a variety of categories, be it a multiplayer game, chat with other players, add boosts and collectibles.

  68. Jeopardy World Tour

    You can make a classic trivia game into an exciting mobile game with head-to-head challenges. Offer multiple choice, with challenging levels, and a wide variety of categories. You can include in-app purchases to get power-ups, to increase the timeframes or to remove the false answers.

  69. Millionaire Trivia

    Play the fun-filled quiz game and become a millionaire. This mobile game gives a reality show feel to the players playing the game. Rather than the PayPal cashouts, the players play the game to spot on the leaderboard.

  70. Popcorn Trivia

    Are you a movie buff? If yes, this is the app exclusively for you. Answer questions based on different genres and a large variety of movies. For each right answer, earn a popcorn. Play alone or as a team.

  71. Newsmeister

    You can make an app comprising of the current events that include all areas of development from politics, science, technology, literature, and business. Monetize the app with in-app purchases.

  72. SongPop 2

    Music lovers will enjoy this app. The app las a wide playlist from different eras and genres, from Rock, Classic, country, to songs from the early ’60s and ’70s till the new age music. Earn coins to unlock more music from the playlist.

  73. Guess that song

    Among multiplayer apps, this is a single-player friendly app for you to spend time for yourself. The app plays music clips and multiple choice questions, also it has a split-screen multiplayer mode feature.

  74. Sporcle

    You can make an app that features quizzes of different topics, from history, literature, science to entertainment. Allow the users to create their own set of quiz questions, this makes the app interactive.

  75. Quizoid

    Make a simplified app with challenging trivia questions. Make it a multiplayer game and allow chat facilities with lifeline options.

  76. Quiz of Knowledge

    Unlike other apps, this is an offline app. So the players need not worry about the internet connection, they can play anytime-anywhere. The players can track and compare their progress with the other players.

  77. QuizClash

    If you are looking for an entertaining, colorful, and intelligent quiz game- QuizClash is the right choice. Play with your friends and other players and get to know more.

  78. Trivia 360

    Knowledge is power. Make an app that helps the players improve their knowledge. Know the minds of the target audience and make the app interactive.

  79. Racing & Driving games:

    Are you a fan of racing game? Feel the adrenaline when you start playing racing games on your mobile phones. Be ready to engage in fast reaction and high-speed mobile racing games.

  80. Asphalt 9: Legends

    The game allows you to customize the car with your choice of rim, color, and material. This is the best mobile game app for the racing fans of drift racing, arcade racing, fast driving, power motor, nitrogen charged, and weaving through traffic competitions.

  81. MotoGP Racing ‘18

    This game gives you the thrilling experience of the intense motorcycle racing game. Make a mobile game app with high-definition graphics, challenging style of play modes, and smooth controls.

  82. Absolute Drift

    There is no racing without a drift. Now you have an exclusive app to master the art of drifting. The app offers custom events and drifts line challenges, with online leaderboards, Bluetooth controller support

  83. Asphalt Xtreme

    The only thing you need is the instincts, desire for speed, and real skill to compete in this game. Make an app with the intense visual effect, extreme racetrack locations, challenging game modes, and a powerful control system.

  84. Real Racing 3

    Make a racing app with a number of play modes that include standard races, time trials, and multiplayer modes. To make the game engaging, add new race events, new model cars, and varied challenges to the racers.

  85. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

    This is interesting gameplay. Be the manager and be the key deciding authority of a team of supercars. You can also make a game with different game modes, that include logistics, engineering, marketing, and R&D.

  86. Need for Speed: No Limits

    The free racing game offers an intense racing experience to the players. It has the in- game feature, fuel system, premium currencies, and daily challenges.

  87. Riptide GP Renegade

    Something new in the racing game. This is a jetski racing game with stunning landscapes, character models, stunts, racing crafts of different varieties, and new skillset. The game has both single-player and multiplayer.

  88. Grand Prix Story 2

    The cartoon style management style game has an intelligent game style. Among the intense racing game apps, this is a friendlier and elegant RPG. As the manager of the racing team, you have to manage the entire process of the game.

  89. CSR Racing 2

    The game has a sleek graphic design that shows off the environment and high-performance race machines. Apart from street racing, the players can adjust the technical elements like the tire pressure, gear ratio, etc. The players can choose between single-player and multiplayer.

  90. Asphalt Street storm racing

    The app is a popular racing game with exciting 3D graphics, cool supercars, and the NOS burnouts. Make a gaming app with impressive HD and allow virtual purchases within the game app.

  91. Traffic Rider

    This game is an arcade on the motorcycle driving. The gameplay has career mode with more than 70 missions, it has online leaderboards, the detailed variation of day and night environments, with real motor sounds and HD visuals.

  92. Unpossible

    The game mode starts with a simple introduction, but the level of difficulty increases with the Ultra and Futile modes- that offers demanding gameplay.

  93. Horizon Chase World Tour

    You play from the third person perspective arcade racing game, Make a mobile game app with different race tracks, race machines. Give the classic game a next-gen look.

  94. Red Bull Air Race 2

    Ride the aerobatic plane in different races from class tournaments to regional races. The game has new mechanics and aircraft upgrades for increasing the ride’s performance.

  95. Adventure Games:

    All interesting games need not be pulsating action combats. There are a good set of games called the adventure games that have narrative storytelling with the puzzle gameplay, and old classics. Some of the all-time favorite adventures games include the retro remakes, interactive novels, choose your path narratives, and classic adventure puzzles.

  96. Broken Age

    The explicit 2D rendering graphics with adventurous gameplay is the biggest asset of this game. It has a genuine soundtrack that blends with the game making it an amazing game.

  97. Her Story

    Do you like Sherlock Holmes? This game is a critical game surrounded by a lot of mystery. You have to go through the old video clips and police database to solve the case. You can use this idea of a simple storyline to make an interesting game app.

  98. Whispers of a Machine

    Sci-Fi lover would enjoy playing the game. It is a point and clicks genre game with gorgeous settings and hand-drawn pixel art design. Make a retro adventure game like Whispers of a Machine.

  99. Florence

    The game is a bundle of emotions, decision making, and experience. With a simple concept, the game has a large audience base. Make an app that touches the emotions of the players.

  100. A Normal Lost Phone

    The game bridges the underlying gap between fiction and reality. The game has a relatable storyline that attracts the players to engage in the game.

  101. Oxenfree

    You can make a game app with a few simple things like interactive plot with spontaneous character dialogue and a neat soundtrack.

  102. Life is Strange

    The adventurous game allows the players to rewind the time to save a life. But changing the past may even lead you to a devastating future. The game has multiple endings based on player’s decision. Make an app with versatile gameplay to engage players in spending more time in the game.

  103. Thimbleweed Park

    Make an adventure game with the right balance between puzzles and mystery. With a fresh narrative storyline and well-built gameplay, it is possible to impress the audience.

  104. Four Last Things

    It is a homage to Renaissance artwork. The players wonder amidst the scenes and landscapes of the best artwork of the era. Make an impressive and fun-filled game.

  105. Love You to Bits

    This is a point and click, Sci-Fi adventure game filled with puzzles and amazing visuals. You can also make a cute story with the alluring game and attractive graphics. Include mystery and puzzles in the gameplay to make it thrilling.

  106. 80 days

    This is a game based on the classic ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. It has an interactive adventure, where the player has control over every action. Make an app based on an epic classic with exhilarating gameplay.

  107. To The Moon

    The game is an emotional roller coaster with many challenging puzzles. In this game, you have to take the role of a doctor and fulfill the wishes of a dying old man. It combines the classic RPG aesthetics with the adventure of the game elements.

  108. Machinarium

    The award-winning game has a series of puzzles and mysteries to solve. It is of the point and clicks genre with a melancholic soundtrack. The game has no written or spoken dialogs rather has mind-blowing animations that tell the players the motivation of the game

  109. Grim Fandango Remastered

    This is a classic adventure game that has humor and fun-filled gameplay. The game has everything from a good orchestration, concept and commentary art, with high-end graphics. The game brings back the childhood days of many players.

  110. The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

    Make a mobile adventure game with a fascinating storyline, intuitive gameplay, and eclectic soundtrack. The main aspect of a good adventure app is to bind the emotions of the players.

  111. Puzzle & Word Games:

    The responsive touch controls in the smartphones and tablets are ideal for puzzle games. With powerful processors and touchscreen displays, play challenging word games and puzzle games to sharpen your mind.

  112. Monument Valley 2

    If you haven't played a puzzle game and wants to go for a try- choose Monument Valley 2. The game has an immersive soundtrack with minimalist look. Make an app as stimulating as possible to impress the players.

  113. Layton: Curious Village in HD

    The game has interactive gameplay. In the quest for Golden Apple, the player should solve a number of puzzles, collect collectible and play mini-games. Make a game with a smartphone-friendly interface and captivating animation sequences.

  114. The Room: Old Sins

    Make a creative puzzle game like The Room: Old Sins that has won multiple awards for its exciting gameplay and challenging puzzles.

  115. Twinfold

    It seems to be a simple puzzle game, where you have to combine the locks to score the points. But, there are lots more- you have to simultaneously combine scoring the blocks while the maze walls reshuffle and fight enemies. Simple concept, with ravishing gaming interface.

  116. Sneak Ops

    The mission of the game is to not get caught. The player has to crawl through the tunnels, avoiding security cameras, knock out the guards, and sneak out from the high-tech army base.

  117. Dissembler

    You can make a simple game like the Dissembler, where you have to match color blocks to clear the board. With intricate patterns and more colors, the game is challenging to solve as you move to the next level.

  118. Bridge Constructor Portal

    The players have to think out of the box to solve all the 60 levels. With a simplified concept and amusing game interface, the Bridge Constructor Portal attracts many players.

  119. Vandals

    This is a turn-based game, the players spray walls that are harder to access while sneaking around from the police surveillance. Along with the game, the players are introduced to the interactive history of graffiti and street art through the collectible and hidden photos of the game.

  120. Alphabear 2

    Make a game app with a simple interface with hard-core puzzles. Include fun and amusing props in the game to make the game more lively.

  121. Old Man’s Journey

    Get lost in the soul-searching adventure. The game features some of the beautiful hand- drawn animations and landscapes. This is an exciting puzzle game that needs no dialogues or words to make it interactive.

  122. Framed 2

    You can make a gaming app with delightful gameplay and jazzy music. Outsmart the game with unexpected challenges and game modes.

  123. Threes

    Make an app with simple game mode and include endless challenges with endearing characters, and soothing music. The gameplay must be beyond the imagination of the players.

  124. Road Not Taken

    it ‘s all about surviving the surprises, the randomly generated levels offer a limitless supply of challenges to overcome and possibilities to explore. Make apps with challenging gameplay.

  125. Mushroom 11

    You can make a mobile game app with groundbreaking touch controls with an innovative and unique game. Provide challenging puzzles which are informative and consistent.

  126. Words with Friends 2

    This is one of the most popular games with beautiful and intelligent gameplay. Players can expand their vocabulary and spelling skills by playing this game. Make an app that offers intellectual delight.

    ‘ Making game apps combine everything that is hard about building a bridge with everything that is hard about composing an opera. Game apps are operas made out of bridges.` There are a few factors that you have to keep in mind before making a game app. The above game ideas will give you an insight on how to make games that awestruck the player.

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